Ithaca, NY

Here is a running list of restaurants in Ithaca, NY that offer gluten free options. Remember to always check with the restaurant to make sure that your dietary needs can be accommodated.

Mexican Restaurants

Viva Taqueria: ( Located at 101 N Aurora St.

Thai Restaurants

Taste of Thai Express: ( Located at 209 S Meadow Street.

American Cuisine

The BoatYard Grill: ( Located 525 Taughannock Blvd

Sandwich Places

Collegetown Bagels (CTB) ( Three locations:  415 College Ave (Collegetown), 203 N Aurora St (Downtown), and 329 Pine Tree Rd

Ithaca Bakery ( Located at 400 N. Meadow Street and 2255 N. Triphammer Road

Greenstar ( Located at  701 W. Buffalo St and 215 N. Cayuga St.

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