Los Angeles

Here is a list of my favorite restaurants, cafes, and bakeries in LA! If it is on this list, I ate there multiple times and I will definitely return. I have linked my review to the name of the restaurant so you can see a full breakdown. You may notice that I have reviewed places that are not on this list. Why? Because I review all my experiences–good AND bad. The mediocre ones (like ones that are only one pasta and one sauce option) didn’t make my top favorites. As a reminder, management/staff/menus change all the time so it is super important to always communicate your dietary needs to the staff and evaluate current cross contact protocols. Without further ado…..

DEDICATED GLUTEN FREE Bakeries & Dessert Locations:

Joy & Sweets (gluten free bakery** they have a gelato display case that is NOT gluten free, but kitchen and all baked goods are gluten free) — Culver City

Kirari West (gluten free bakery with lunch and meal options)— Redondo Beach

Fonuts (Gluten free bakery, donuts)—Hollywood

Erin McKennas Bakery (gluten free bakery; also vegan!)–Downtown LA & Santa Monica–review coming soon!

Rising Hearts Bakery (gluten free bakery)—Culver City —review coming soon!!

Grom (gelato)–Hollywood, Century City, Malibu

Fatamorgana (gelato)– Studio City, Beverly Hills

Breadblok–Santa Monica

Dedicated gluten free restaurants:

Rice—Manhattan Beach

Stuffd —Hollywood (gluten free dumplings!) CLOSED

Asian Box —-Santa Monica & Downtown LA

Shojin—Culver City

Honey Hi—Echo Lake

True Earth Cafe—North Hollywood (also vegan)

Sweetfin Poke–locations all around Los Angeles including Westwood!

Wilding Living Foods–Downtown LA

Kye’s Montana— Santa Monica

CELIAC KNOWLEDGABLE but Not dedicated gluten free!

Hugo’s—West Hollywood, Studio City

The Great American Fries —Santa Monica—entirely gluten free except you can order malt vinegar for dipping! But kept separately and sealed 🙂 REVIEW COMING SOON!

Fresh Brothers (many locations have a separate dedicated kitchen so need to check each location). To note, most other pizza places are NOT safe but many offer “gluten free”  if craving pizza, check fresh brothers! Best crust I’ve had too.

Blu Jam (Brentwood, Sherman oaks, and Hollywood locations)

The Counter (Toluca Lake, Santa Monica)

True Food Kitchen (Santa Monica)—good place to eat right off of the beach. Small portions but have had luck with this location

The OP Cafe (Santa Monica)

Mandarette Cafe (West Hollywood area)–review coming soon

Kazu Nori (Westwood location)–sushi; at the time of my visits, all sushi was gluten free. Soy sauce was separate



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