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Hi everyone! I am a graduate student who has a love for travel and food! I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease at the age of 20. Coming from an Italian pasta-loving family and being an avid traveler, this was a very difficult transition.  After researching restaurants and gluten free friendly cities, I realized that it was difficult “on the go” to really find gluten free restaurants in one place.  Yelp/trip advisor was great for reviews—but usually they didn’t have any info on gluten free options, cross contamination issues, or specific gluten free critiques.  Based on reviews, I have gone to restaurants simply to be told that the only gluten free option is “salad without dressing” or “fruit” or “well maybe eggs?” I am an extremely sensitive celiac girl–even the slightest cross contamination will land me in the bathroom for hours–and because of this, I have been very careful with my restaurant options. I am hoping that this blog can help some fellow celiac troopers to find great restaurants around the country (and world) as I continue my travels.  I will never post about places that have minimal gluten free options—I love to eat—so you won’t waste your time or money there.  Please feel free to comment with additional gluten free restaurants and I would be (very) happy to go taste-test there 🙂

I will keep an ongoing blog about my experiences but I will also keep a list of the gluten free places on a separate page (without descriptions, just addresses) so they are easier to find and sort through.

Although I am currently in the process of moving to SoCal, but I frequently travel to NYC, Philly, and Virginia in addition to vacations to the Carribean, Boston, Chicago, Europe, and California. So keep checking back for updates!!

11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. My family moved to C’ville this summer with our celiac daughter. We were pretty involved in the GIG group in our former city (Austin, TX.) Her favorite activity they put on was a GF cookie exchange in early December. I am planning to host one this year and am trying to connect with other GF people/families. We know three or four but would love a larger group. If you would like to come to the cookie exchange or are willing to include something about it on your blog, please let me know. Thank you! And, thanks for your reviews.

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    1. Hi Jeri, Welcome to Charlottesville! I would love to come to the cookie exchange and connect with other gluten free-ers in the area–thank you for the invite! 🙂 I would be happy to include your event on my blog. Send me along the information at glutenfreeandglittery@gmail.com when you can. Also, feel free to message or comment if you have any questions about gluten free in the area. I have a bunch more restaurant reviews coming….but have been a bit delayed posting them due to classwork recently, but I try to update at least twice per week. Thank you for your kind words! I am very happy that you are enjoying the reviews!


    1. Thanks for visiting my site! 😊 hope you enjoy my posts so far! Feel free to follow if it interests you.

      I’ll definitely be reading your posts!! 😊 thanks for sharing and commenting!

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  2. I just wanted to say hello! I am another celiac who is about to start grad school (at Minnesota State University, Mankato) in a few months. I was diagnosed a few months before I started college, so I already know the deal with college and celiac, and am interested to see how it’s different in grad school. Just wanted to say thanks for blogging as a celiac grad student. There don’t seem to be many of us on the blogosphere! 🙂

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    1. Hi there! 😊Thanks for the introduction and for the kind words! I’m in my 3rd year now and it’s been an adventure. In my experience, there are fewer resources for celiac individuals for graduate students versus undergrads, but that may just be the institutions I attended and the fact that there are fewer of us. I went from a gluten free heaven (Ithaca, NY & amazingly trained Cornell dining + gluten free college group) to Virginia, where gluten free is newer but definitely improving. The hospital I do research at has ZERO gluten free options for non-patients which is shocking. Between lunch seminars and dinner time organizations, the focus is more on food than in undergrad, but I live very close to the Med school so I can run home or bring my own food. It was an adjustment for me, but it’s been working out well. I would love to hear your experiences once you start!

      Ps I LOVE your blog 🙂 good luck in grad school and congrats! I would love to do a collaboration piece with you at some point! I haven’t seen many grad student bloggers either but it’s an important topic for sure


  3. Thanks for the info. I can feel your pain, although thankfully, I am gluten intolerant and not a celiac patient. I diagnosed myself a few years ago because my younger sister also has it. Still, it’s hard going to parties when everyone is eating cake, cookies…and I have to explain over and over how gluten damages your body. It can be exhausting, huh? I am 55 now so I was surprised it happened at age 51. And while I was homeless and waiting on Social Security Disability income. Talk about the perfect storm. I live in Clearwater, Florida. I hope you can visit someday. It’s gorgeous here, year-round! By the way, I’m a pro writer and editor, and you write very well.

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