Charlie’s Table Review

Greetings from Chicago! A lot has changed since I last updated the blog over a year ago….other than the obvious (pandemic), I moved across the country to start a new job in the windy city! Life has had its ups and downs. Right before the pandemic really started picking up, we managed to travel to Thailand, which has been a lifelong dream of mine (I’ll be sharing all about that soon!). It’s been a crazy year, but I am so excited to finally be back sitting down and sharing more gluten free finds with you all. I hope all of your family and friends have been staying safe and healthy ❤

With that being said, I’m missing my family a lot right now (as I am sure that many of you are too!). My mom’s side is from Sicily so homemade meals at family gatherings were the norm. My grandmother (AKA nanny) would make me homemade pasta growing up— my pre-celiac days. By the time I was diagnosed with celiac disease, I was in college and sadly only had a few years left with nanny so she was never able to attempt homemade gluten free pasta. Needless to say I am still super picky with gluten free pasta having been raised on the best homemade authentic pasta. I was able to find homemade gluten free pasta in Italy (heavenly!!!!), but I haven’t found quite the same here in the states in restaurants or grocery stores. And it is not like I have the time (or the drive or the patience) to attempt making homemade pasta. Yet I was always searching…..

As you all know, I do not cook–My husband does all the cooking. Well, I attempt to cook once a week, but it is super basic and a kindergartner could probably do a better job. When we were long distance in grad school, I sought out easy meal options that I could cook quickly and enjoy between experiments in lab. Even though my husband is basically the greatest gluten free chef in the world, I do still look for products to review on my blog and share that work for me or anyone like me!

So I was excited when Charlie’s Table reached out to me to try their gluten free product. I was also a bit nervous because I do have (maybe unreasonably…) high pasta standards given my upbringing. Nevertheless, when I found out that this company is dedicated to providing celiac safe homemade pastas that take just 3 minutes to cook (!!), I just had to try.

Charlie’s Table Gemelli with Impossible Meat and vodka sauce

Jumping straight into the details…

  1. Charlie’s Table assures that all of their products are gluten free—they maintain certification (GFCO) and manufacture all products in a 100% dedicated gluten free facility. These pastas are also dairy free, peanut free, soy free, and Kosher Pareve. With flour flying around in the pasta making process, a dedicated gluten free facility is a must for me.
  2. Charlie’s Table is also dedicated to transparency –this is the FIRST company I have ever heard of that will notify customers on their website AND social media channels immediately in the case of supply chain breaches or changes. As someone who has been burned by companies switching ingredient sourcing, I very much appreciate this
  3. This is one of my favorite parts about Charlie’s Table (other than their products being celiac safe!)–Charlie’s Table is committed to helping people who need food assistance via vetted not-for-profit organizations. Gluten free can be so expensive and not accessible to so many people–I love that a gluten free company is working to provide safe options for those with celiac who can otherwise not afford or do not have access to such options. Love their partnership with Broadway Cares.
  4. Charlie’s Table is dedicated to including everyone at the table–whether gluten free, soy free, dairy free, Kosher—all are welcome. For someone with celiac, it can often seem like we are an addition, an afterthought, a piece that sticks out. At least that is how I have felt at some (but thankfully not all) gatherings. The fact that Charlie’s Table is trying to integrate amazing gluten free homemade pasta into every day life makes me so happy. I can picture bringing this pasta to my in laws for Thanksgiving (post pandemic), grabbing a clean pot, and making this in 3 minutes—enjoying a delicious safe meal and not feeling left out.

You may have noticed the number of times I said “dedicated.” There is no better word to describe how Charlie’s Table cares about the celiac community. So even with my past hesitation to review pastas, I jumped at the chance to try Charlie’s Table.

**As a note, I was gifted Charlie’s Table pastas to try and review. As always, this review solely reflects my own honest opinion**

Charlie’s Table Tagliatelle with a simple red sauce and fresh cheese

Without further ado… my review!

Product: Charlie’s Table pasta

Overall Rating: 5/5

Shipping: The pasta is shipped overnight on ice packs to keep the past cool. If using immediately you can put the pasta in the fridge. If wanting to use weeks later, you can freeze the pasta. We did not wait and ate them right away.

Preparation: It doesn’t get any easier than this! Boil water + add pasta for 3 minutes + drain water = DONE! This is perfect for busy lifestyles or for people like me who really mess up any cooking…. Also great for holidays or gatherings where I would like to make my meal last to make sure it is safe and hot. I’ll be stocking up for when my husband is working late and can’t cook

Texture: I never thought I would find a gluten free pasta outside of Italy that had the texture of real homemade pasta, but Charlie’s Table did it! It wasn’t mushy or chewy like other gluten free pasta brands I have tried.

Flavor: TASTED LIKE PASTA! Not corn. Not rice. REAL PASTA. My husband thoroughly enjoyed it too. Unfortunately…I had to share with him, which makes sense, but meant less for me! I tried to use as little sauce as possible because the flavor of the pasta alone was so delicious.

Size: These are the perfect size for a large one person meal. I could eat all of one container in a single sitting, but was very full afterwards. My husband was too. My only critique would be that I wish the containers came in family sizes! More to enjoy, leftovers, and less plastic.

We enjoyed the pasta with vegetarian sauces and protein sources. My husband made his spicy with some red pepper flakes, while I loaded up on cheese. Honestly, the pasta didn’t really need a sauce because the texture and flavor were so spot on.

So yes, I am now one of Charlie’s Tables biggest fans. I am excited to see how their line continues to expand and to see which restaurants will use their products (some restaurants in NYC already do!). I would love to see even more options (like egg free for those with egg allergies!) and family size. Right now Charlie’s Table is operating online so be sure to check out their website here.

If you are interested in trying Charlie’s Table, be sure to head over to my instagram (glutenfreeandglittery) to enter my first ever giveaway!

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