Review of the Dedicated Gluten Free Pica Pica Arepa Kitchen-San Francisco, CA

When I posted I was going to San Francisco for a work trip, I received numerous messages recommending Pica Pica Arepa Kitchen. Pica Pica Arepa Kitchen is dedicated 100% gluten free and has such a huge variety of food. Yes, everything is gluten free!!!  Sadly, I had to order delivery because it was too far from my hotel & the convention center. Maybe that was a good thing because I don’t think I could have prevented myself from ordering everything off the menu…

This restaurant boasts wonderful Venezuelan-inspired dishes. There are tons of starters (including empanadas!!), but for the main course I was so excited to have so many options. You can choose your base: arepa (which is like a thick corn pocket that is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside), cachapa (corn crepe), and plato. There are several meat options (beef, chicken, pork, shrimp) plus vegetarian & vegan options. Really, you can build whatever you want!


I settled on one order of Classic White Arepas with shredded beef pabellon. This included sweet plantains, black bean puree, and queso fresco. THAT FLAVOR!! Wow. I was in love with this meal. The texture of the arepa was perfection and it was loaded with fillings.

Tres Empanadas!

I also ordered Tres Empanadas with Beef. Again, amazing!! I wish I had ordered two servings of these. It came with a spicy guacomole sauce that complimented it perfected.

As much as I recommend Pica Pica Arepa Kitchen, I strongly advise ordering delivery from them. To this day, I have no idea what went wrong but my order was delayed over 2 hours…whether it was the delivery service or the restaurant, I can’t get an answer. I called the restaurant who was not helpful and I couldn’t get ahold of anyone after I called back. Needless to say, I was left with very cold food and a super late night. Luckily, the hotel offered to get me a personal microwave when they heard what happened. Even reheated, the food was delicious!!

Will I order from Pica Pica Arepa Kitchen again? Yes, just not delivery. Their quality and flavor of food was unmatched. I loved that it is dedicated gluten free so that I don’t have to worry about cross contact with gluten. Safe & delicious!

**This review solely reflects my own honest opinion. I was neither paid nor given a complimentary meal for my visit here. Please note that kitchen protocols and menus can change at any time. Make sure to speak to the staff at any restaurant before eating to make sure that they can accommodate your dietary restriction.** 

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