Review of Gluten Free at Bask–San Francisco, CA

After a long day of presenting in San Francisco, I was SO excited to try drink sangria and eat tapas so I headed over to Bask. Bask came highly recommended to me from several trusted celiac friends so I eagerly made reservations.

Basks boasts many tapas and drink options, with the food menu including gluten free markers. I quickly learned that any fried item marked gluten free was not actually gluten free as they use a shared fryer! So I avoided those completely because shared fryers are NOT safe for those with celiac disease!! This is why you always double check. I worked with the staff to select non-fried gluten free items that would be safe for me. This eliminated quite a few of the options I was most interested, which was disappointing. But there were loads of seafood options still available, if that is something you like. I emphasized my need for separate clean surfaces, utensils, and prep areas and the staff ensured they could take care of me.

I started with a red wine sangria. It was one of the best I have had in the US! You can order by the glass or pitcher. I regret ordering by the glass…it was too good!

Tortilla española

As for my meal, I ordered the gluten free chorizo tortilla espanola. I studied abroad in Madrid during college and this was always my favorite meal. Unfortunately, when they brought it out, it was missing the meat so they had to remake it. Once I was given the correct order, it was delicious!!! However, there was barely any meat at all despite the uncharge. I don’t think the second slice had any meat. As someone who does go out for tapas, I am aware of small plate sizes (you are supposed to order a bunch and share) but these were the very very small tapas. This was definitely not worth $12! My friend ordered the shrimp and was given 4 tiny shrimp for $14.

Flourless chocolate cake

Because I wasn’t super hungry (see my last post about HotSpud and you will know why!), I next ordered dessert. I settled on the gluten free flourless chocolate cake. It was amazing! Rich and chocolatey. Again, I wish it was a lot bigger, but it was so good. One of my favorite gluten free flourless cakes! They also have gluten free creme brûlée.

Would I return? For the sangria, yes. For the food, maybe. Bask has a great atmosphere for getting together with friends. I could see coming here with a group and ordering a bunch to try and share. However, the shared fryer eliminates any fried option. If you don’t like shellfish or seafood, there are very few options for you. Barely any vegetarian options so keep that in mind. The quality was wonderful and if I had a lot more money, I would order more of the safe options. The price was much too high for the portion size–the two of us spent over $90. I did appreciate the staff taking extra precautions for me to ensure my safety. The wait staff was very kind and walked me through each item, which I appreciate.

**This review solely reflects my own honest opinion. I was neither paid nor given a complimentary meal for my visit here. Please note that kitchen protocols and menus can change at any time. Make sure to speak to the staff at any restaurant before eating to make sure that they can accommodate your dietary restriction.**

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