Gluten free at Fresh Brothers, Los Angeles Area

I rarely recommend pizza chains (I mean SO many things can go wrong…and that’s a lot of flour), but Fresh Brothers is an exception to me because they have wonderful cross contact protocols in place for gluten free. In fact, their gluten free items are  prepared in accordance with National Foundation for Celiac Awareness guideslines–and this sticker will be placed on your order when you specify you are ordering gluten free due to celiac/allergy. Love it.

Where is Fresh Brothers? All over the Los Angeles & San Diego area. There are 19 locations total.

What are the protocols? Of course, you need to check with any location you visit!! But I have visited the Marina del Rey location and Brentwood location numerous times as well as a few others. They don’t know I am a blogger, but I visit so often that they know my voice over the phone. Embarrassing? Yes. Worth it? Yes. Will I stop? Nope. In addition to the standard wash hands & change gloves, the locations I have been to have a separate prep area (some have a separate kitchen area) and separate bins of ingredients–this is HUGE. It is really hard with a pizza place to simply “wipe down” counters. It is essential to me that gluten never touches those surfaces where gluten free is prepared. The farther the prep area from gluten, the better (and you can always check with your location to make sure you are comfortable with how far away it is). Having separate bins are super important to me too because even if staff changes gloves when prepping your order, gluten-containing gloves have already reached their hands into those bins and contaminated the toppings. Fresh Brothers avoids this by having separate bins. Staff members are trained on how to prep the gluten free and take the time to devote to each gluten free pizza.

Gluten free pizza

What can you order? PIZZA (personal size or medium), salads, baked chicken bites, or a gluten free vegan brownie (which is made at a local dedicated gluten free facility and prepackaged there to avoid cross contact–Rising Hearts Bakery is the bakery and it is delicious so you should head down to Culver City and check it out in person!). I love how Fresh Brothers worked with a small local gluten free bakery to ensure safety of its customers and support the local community. As for the pizzas, pretty much any pizza can be made gluten free–the exceptions are noted on the website like the Impossible Meat. There’s lots of vegetarian options too! The salad comes with as many standard toppings as you want–see my photo of all the toppings I get!! ❤


What have I ordered? For pizzas, Hawaiian, BBQ Chicken, Chicken Artichoke Pesto, Fresh Mama’s Vegetable, and Fresh Vegetable. I have tried the baked chicken bites and those are SO good too. I regularly order the salads & brownie.

Is there an uncharge for gluten free? Yes, due to the cost of the gluten free dough and the extra precautions (and time) taken, there is a slight upcharge. I believe it’s $1 for the salads–Personally, I have seen way worse and if just $1 can ensure that they take extra time and precautions to make my food, that’s totally fine with me.

How do I order? You can order online or on their app. However, I suggest calling and ordering directly to make sure that they are still following the precautions and note that you have celiac/allergy. Delivery & pick up is available. Some locations have limited seating while others don’t have any seating so check with your local branch. You can also order for a future time.

If you can’t tell, I love Fresh Brothers. It’s one of my favorite (and only places) in Los Angeles that I trust to make gluten free pizza. LA area has tons of restaurants offering “gluten free” pizza—but they don’t take precautions. This is the only local place I have found that I feel comfortable eating at and that means the world to me. I’m able to eat Fresh Brothers for work functions, for parties & get togethers, and for a pizza night when I absolutely need pizza. So thank you, Fresh Brothers!!

**Please note that this review solely reflects my own honest opinion. I was neither paid nor compensated for my visit here. Also, kitchen protocols and menus can change at any time. Make sure to directly speak to the staff at any restaurant before eating to make sure that they can accommodate your dietary restriction.**


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