Gluten free at Emporium Thai (Los Angeles, Westwood area)

I am really loving trying new (to me!) restaurants in Los Angeles. Since moving out here, I have been on the hunt for gluten free Thai food. My husband found Emporium Thai, which advertises gluten free on their menu. Of course, just because a restaurant offers gluten free doesn’t mean it is always safe. But after calling them and speaking to them in person, they assured me that they use clean utensils & pans to avoid cross contamination. So off we went!

Located at 1275 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024, Emporium Thai can make all of their curries gluten free. All of their curries can be made vegetarian/vegan as well! Their menu is sadly not labeled for gluten free, but the staff is knowledgable and happy to help. Although they offer gluten free sauce for the appetizers, they do not have any gluten free appetizers–guessing more for the trend than celiac. However, I just wanted some good gluten free curries and that’s why I came here!

Green curry

I’ve visited Emporium Thai twice so far since I have heard so many people recommend it and I wanted to try a few different dishes. So far I have tried the UCLA curry (classic golden yellow curry with pumpkin & chicken), Green curry (exotic Thai green curry with veggies, eggplant, peas, carrots, bell peppers, Thai bail, and bamboo shoots), and Panang curry (spice thick curry with coconut milk, bell peppers, peas, and across with beef). All were quite good, but the portions were rather small. There is a huge range of spice level available! I ordered mine as mild spice, which I found to be VERY mild, and Ryan ordered his as medium spice, which I found to be extremely spicy. Oops. I love the variety of curries though and I have enjoyed my meals there.

UCLA curry

The restaurant is on the smaller side and is popular with UCLA students and Westwood residents. However, they take reservations and is a great location for get togethers and larger dinner party. We’ve gone with friends and they love it. Overall, I wish they had a labeled gluten free menu, but I am appreciative of at least their curry options. I wouldn’t go back here unless I was really craving curry. I am still on the hunt for a better thai restaurant with more safe options so stay tuned!

**Please note that this review solely reflects my own honest opinion. I was neither paid nor compensated for my visit here. Also, kitchen protocols and menus can change at any time. Make sure to speak to the staff at any restaurant before eating to make sure that they can accommodate your dietary restriction.**


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