Gluten Free at Hugo’s (Los Angeles, CA)

I am really lucky to live in an area with so many gluten free offerings!! To say I am excited to explore more restaurants is an understatement. However, there is one restaurant that I always try to visit whenever I visit SoCal. This restaurant is called Hugo’s and it has three locations in LA. I frequent the West Hollywood location, but you can view all locations here. I have only had very positive experiences that have left me coming back and back again!

Gluten free Shepherd’s Pie with salad. Egg & rice dish behind is also gluten free!

Atmosphere: This restaurant (at least the W Hollywood location) is perfect for a family dinner, a romantic date night, really anything! I wouldn’t recommend beach clothes, but I have worn shorts and a cute nice tank and not felt out of place. I’ve seen outfits ranging from suits to casual attire so pretty much anything goes! This place does get busy (especially on the weekends) so be sure to make reservations—we have just walked in before without problems, but I do think reservations are helpful!

Ecofriendly: As an aside, this was the first restaurant that I visited that had alternative eco friendly (I think they were paper) straws!! They do not use plastic straws anymore, which is fantastic for the environment! Way to go Hugo’s!!

Gluten free Cauliflower Pakora & Gluten free French Onion Soup 

Gluten free knowledge/labeling: Hugo’s menu (see here) is entirely clearly labeled as to what items are gluten free or can be modified to be gluten free. I loved how easy it was for me to scan the menu, identify options, and then ask the staff about those items (because you should never ever ever just order an item off any menu without discussing the protocols or explaining celiac to your server!!!). And Hugo’s understands celiac disease. Each time, I have told my server that I have celiac and they happily explained their protocols for preventing cross contamination (Separate clean surfaces, utensils, & pots/pans, etc). They even have a dedicated gluten free fryer!! No matter how many times I questioned them, the staff was super happy to help and didn’t make me feel like my disease was a burden to them. I appreciate them catering to celiac and not the gluten free fad diet. 

Vegan gluten free spinach artichoke dip with organic corn chips

Variety: SO MANY OPTIONS!!! Feel like breakfast? You can have a variety of fun and unique egg dishes (as well as the classics). Feel like a sandwich? So many options there too. Pasta? Yup! Salad? Yes! Build your own bowls? Of course. Burgers? Yes! And a huge diversity of entrees…ranging from Tikka Masala to Shepherd’s Pie (which I LOVE) to steak to Asian stirfry to Salmon. Really any cuisine you can think of, Hugo’s has!! Most of the appetizers are gluten free too!

Gluten free Tres Tacos with steak & mashed potatoes

So what have I eaten? Shepherd’s pie, Tikka Masala Pizza (special, not on menu anymore), chimichurri steak, tres tacos (steak), cauliflower pakora, French onion soup, vegan spinach artichoke dip with chips, gelato. Ryan has ordered egg dishes, which he shared with me too. Yes, we do really go often!!

Vanilla gelato

Other dietary restrictions/preferences: Hugo’s offers a wide range of vegan and vegetarian options, which are also clearly noted right on the menu. Items containing nuts are also indicated. Hugo’s is proud to serve organic foods & all meals are prepared from scratch, making it easier to identify allergens to avoid for a variety of food allergies.

Quality of food: 10/10. I am NEVER disappointed with whatever I order and there are so many options that I never order the same meal twice! The dishes are full of perfectly balanced and complimentary spices and flavors. Even classic dishes have a delicious twist to them.

Portion sizes: Very large and filling. I have never been hungry after a meal!

Price: VERY reasonable! Like I said, the portion sizes are HUGE! I have managed to eat dessert after a meal BUT I really was pretty miserable after that….Won’t stop me from ordering dessert again, but the dessert wasn’t necessary for my hunger (only for my love of desserts).

Overall: I love Hugo’s and I would be surprised if we don’t end up eating there at least once per month, if not more. Any cuisine that I am in the mood for, Hugo’s has. I don’t feel limited in my options & the quality and portion size are fantastic especially for LA! Most importantly, I feel that I can eat safely here and that celiac disease is taken seriously at Hugo’s. ❤ Thanks, Hugo’s!!

**Please note that this review solely reflects my own honest opinion. I was neither paid nor compensated for my visit here. Also, kitchen protocols and menus can change at any time and availability may vary based on location. Make sure to speak to the staff at any restaurant before eating to make sure that they can accommodate your dietary restriction.**

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