Review of gluten free at Chik Fil A

The minute I heard that Chik Fil A was going to start carrying gluten free buns, I was probably the most excited celiac ever. But first I had to check the facts…Was this actually safe for me? Here’s what I discovered..

Gluten free grilled chicken with the prepackaged gluten free bun

The gluten free buns are packaged and sealed outside of the facility to prevent cross contamination! In fact, you must assemble the sandwich yourself to rafter prevent cross contamination (see my photo). Score!

So what can you get on this bun? Grilled chicken. Right now, that is the only option, which is fine by me! Non-gluten free people can get grilled or breaded so we aren’t missing much. Sadly, nothing for vegetarians yet unless you want tomatoes and lettuce on the bun. 😦

What about the sides? Well, their amazing potato waffle fries are gluten free and fried in a separate fryer! YUM! I suggest getting the largest size because the fries have lots of holes (obviously) and take up a bunch of space and leave pockets are air so you don’t get as many fries as you would think. Not a fan of fries? The fresh fruit cup and a few others are also gluten free.

Now…what did I think of the sandwich? Personally, I loved it! The bread was soft and

Beautifully put together sandwich

not too chewy–although the bottom slice was a bit dry but I would not hesitate to order it again. The chicken was delicious and the waffle fries were as amazing as always. Take a moment to admire the size of the bun…YES IT IS A NORMAL SIZE BUN! Not the tiny ones I am often served or find in grocery stores. Yay! My favorite gluten free sauce? The honey mustard—I don’t use ketchup and just dip everything in it.

Let me tell you about how much more filling the sandwich is compared to the grilled nuggets! The bread really really adds to the meal and makes it much more filling. Let’s be real…those grilled nuggets are so tiny! This grilled chicken sandwich was fantastic.

Check out their full list of gluten free offerings here:

Make sure to always inform the staff that you have celiac disease or a gluten allergy. They will prepare this for an allergy and your ticket should have a **allergy** notice on it. This will alert the staff to prepare the chicken and ingredients with extra precaution. Every location may have differences in their procedures so please check with the manager to make sure that the precautions taken are safe for you!

Also note that Chik Fil A is sadly closed on Sundays so don’t plan to go then.

On a final note, THANK YOU CHIK FIL A for letting us have real options on the road and for not catering to the gluten free trend but those of us with an autoimmune disease or allergy that have no choice but to completely eliminate gluten from our diets. The fact that Chik Fil A packages the buns separately really emphasizes this (THANK YOU, *cough* Panera take a hint *cough*).  I have never been a fan of fast food BUT having options when traveling is so important. I travel every month, at least once per month, and Chik Fil A has become my go to for having a real meal in airports and rest stops. Last weekend, I took a 10 hr road trip to Nashville with 2 other students in my program. It was SO nice to be able to find a quick bite somewhere (AKA Chik Fil A) instead of having to eat snacks or stop for a long meal at some restaurant. My friends love Chik Fil A too so I didn’t feel left out or a burden. Plus never ever been glutened there. Keep up the good work!!

Have you tried the Chik Fil A bun yet? What do you think?

**Please note that this review solely reflects my own honest opinion. I was neither paid nor compensated for my visit here. Also, kitchen protocols and menus can change at any time. Make sure to speak to the staff at any restaurant before eating to make sure that they can accommodate your dietary restriction.**

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