Gluten Free at T Swirl Crepe, New York City

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is staying warm with the winter storms. Recently I visited NYC to see Ryan and his family for Thanksgiving. As usual, Ryan and I made our way to Eight Turn Crepe in Little Italy for our favorite gluten free Japanese style crepes. To our shock and sadness, Eight Turn Crepe closed its doors! Of course, once I am promised sweets, I MUST have sweets so I didn’t give up hope yet. We went home and picked up some ice cream while Ryan searched the city for another rice flour crepe place….and stumbled upon T Swirl Crepe, located right off of Union Square.

T Swirl Crepe has many locations–including some in towns surrounding NYC and in Philly! The one I visited is at 247 E14th St. The storefront advertises gluten free, which made me excited. Immediately upon entering the store, I asked the staff what was gluten free and explained that I have celiac and to treat it like an allergy. The staff was extremely knowledgable and even had a list right next to the register of the things that were not gluten free (see below). The rice batter is gluten free and most of the options are too.

Things that are not gluten free here for the sweet crepes (please always check as more things could have gluten ingredients with change of product!!)

  1. Pocky sticks
  2. Custard
  3. Gelato/ice cream
  4. Granola

TSwirl1.JPGNotice how short that list is? YAY. I ordered the Chocolate Banana, which normally comes with custard cream, whipped yogurt, chocolate syrup, bananas, truffles, and granola. Of course, I ordered this without the custard cream and granola and I was good to go.

The crepe was fantastic! It was so good that we returned later that evening for another crepe (well, Ryan accompanied me but did not want to eat two crepes in one day….I don’t understand that boy sometimes).

Comparing to Eight Turn Crepe, the prices were pretty much the same and so were the offerings. Asides from the gelato being gluten free at Eight Turn Crepe but not T swirl, theTSwirl2.JPG menu options pretty much matched. The one HUGE downfall for T Swirl Crepe is that you cannot build your own crepe. This is my FAVORITE part about Eight Turn Crepe because I can be picky…1) I hate nuts 2) gluten free is a must. I found it frustrating that I had to remove toppings (both granola and the custard) but couldn’t substitute something else in their place. Thus, I was essentially paying for something I couldn’t actually have. If you substitute, you have to pay extra, which isn’t cheap. I very much miss the flexibility of building my own crepe and hope that T Swirl does that in the future. This would give us with celiac WAY more options and would not cheat us of toppings.

Regardless, I will be returning this week! 🙂 Keep in mind that there is very minimal seating so avoiding peak hours is optimal.

Have you tried T Swirl Crepe? Comment below with your favorite gluten free crepe place!

**Please note that this review solely reflects my own honest opinion. I was neither paid nor compensated for my visit here. Also, kitchen protocols and menus can change at any time. Make sure to speak to the staff at any restaurant before eating to make sure that they can accommodate your dietary restriction.**

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