The Bebedero, Charlottesville, VA–Gluten Free Review

And I’m back! A few new medical issues and long weeks at work interrupted my usual gluten free and glittery updates (sorry about that!), but I am back! Get ready for a ton of new reviews!! Since moving to Charlottesville, I have been disappointed with the availability of celiac-safe gluten free options. Most places I have called have informed me that they 1) share fryers 2) share surfaces 3) ask if gluten means dairy…..However, it was one of my good friend, Keren’s birthday, and she wanted to go to her favorite Mexican restaurant. Naturally, being the amazing friend that she is, she called and confirmed that the restaurant has gluten free options and is celiac safe!

The Bebedero is located at 313 2nd St SE, Charlottesville, VA. This is located right on the outskirts of the downtown pedestrian mall. The restaurant is relatively big and full of fun decorations. We made reservations, which I highly recommend for a weekend evening. Upon arriving at the restaurant, I inquired about gluten free options and was ecstatic to hear that the menu was already pre-labeled for gluten free!!! Next to each entree it was marked whether the dish was gluten free, which made navigating my options super easy. In fact, most of the options were gluten free–for appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Check out their menu here. This restaurant uses gluten free corn tortillas—I did not see any flour tortillas on the menu which was a pleasant surprise!

Steak Asada

We were given free chips & salsa—gluten free! I immediately asked about shared fryers, a common pitfall of Mexican restaurants. But The Bebedero has a dedicated gluten free fryer (they did not always but recently adopted the system!!!) which meant safe chips & salsa for me. I ended up ordering the Asada Skirt Steak with Rajas con Crema. It was not spicy, but was super flavorful! Unfortunately, it was also super tiny…..After chowing down on a basket of chips, I was still able to finish my meal and order a dessert. I do wish that the portion sizes were larger so I may try to order something else. Unfortunately, pretty much my whole table ordered the same thing so I cannot speak as to whether the portions vary by dish.

Pumpkin Flan

Next I ordered the pumpkin flan, which was good. It didn’t really taste like pumpkin but I still enjoyed it. It was also very tiny for the price. I did not order any drinks because I had to drive home, but they have an extensive drink menu including spicy margaritas—which are apparently very spicy!

I appreciated how the restaurant really understood gluten free and cross contamination. I
informed the waitress that I have celiac disease and she took my restrictions seriously. It was helpful to have a menu that was pre-labeled, but she was also very willing to go back and double check with the chef.  🙂


Gluten Free options: 10/10–GF is clearly marked on menu, most options are gluten free, and the fryer is dedicated gluten free.

Portion sizes: SMALL!!!!

Quality: Fantastic! My meal was very flavorful!

Price: Desserts are pricy but the main courses are reasonable (again small portions)

Parking: There is an extremely small parking lot—don’t even bother trying there because it is impossible to even turn around there. However, the restaurant is right next to the Water Street Garage and they validate parking! 🙂

Will I return? Yes, I’m planning to go back this weekend to try out their margaritas! 😉

As always, remember to check with the restaurant when visiting as policies and protocols can easily change over time. You are the best judge of what you need and can tolerate. Stay tuned for more reviews! ❤

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