Gluten Free at Friedman’s Lunch NYC

I spent a few days in my favorite city in the world (AKA NYC) before and after our European getaway. We had a late afternoon flight and given my horrendous customer service experience with Iberia airlines who KEPT LOSING MY GLUTEN FREE MEAL REQUEST (and too date has not responded to my complaint), I was a bit anxious about eating and wanted a huge gluten free meal for lunch in case I wouldn’t eat a real meal until I arrived in my final destination. We wanted to try somewhere new so we decided to try Friedman’s Lunch.

Serving American cuisine, Friedman’s Lunch ( is located in several locations but we visited the Herald Sq location (132 W 31st Street), a short walk from Times Square-42nd Street Subway station. Right on their website it says “We ❤ Gluten Free,” which was a good sign. But would this be true gluten free (AKA celiac safe) or gluten free for the fad (AKA cross contamination galore)? I am happy to report that this restaurant is definitely true gluten free and really understands celiac disease–and takes it seriously!! The majority of their menu items can be made gluten free. Because of their vast gluten free options and safe practices, I ended up visiting this restaurant twice in two weeks (oops).

Gluten free is clearly common here. If you order gluten free, you will be given a square plate (if possible) and a little toothpick flag that says gluten free. This lets the staff and guests know that precautions must be taken. As someone who has been glutened by restaurants in the past, I loved the re-assurence!

Gluten Free Turkey Club

The first time I went, I ordered a gluten free turkey club which was good, although I am not a huge fan of chunks of cold turkey–I assumed it would be warm. But the breads was FANTASTIC!! I was actually worried that it was not gluten free because it was SO good. My only regret was not getting fries with it as it was just a sandwich.

Luckily..this worked in my favor because I had room for dessert. I was super excited to find out

Gluten Free Ice Cream Sandwich

that Friedman’s has gluten free cookies and makes gluten free ice cream sandwiches. I had to order one!!! Apparently all of their cookies are gluten free & vegan..I found this out when I asked if they had separate baking sheets and use aluminum foil. This was my first ice cream sandwich since my diagnosis. AND IT WAS INCREDIBLE!! I ordered this again when I visited the following week. No shame!


Gluten Free Fried Dumplings

he following visit, I went with my mom. We had a long day of eating lots of gluten free food so we weren’t super hungry for dinner but I had to take her here. We split an order of the gluten free fried dumplings—YUM!!! And I had a cup of gluten free mac and cheese followed by yet another gluten free ice cream sandwich.

What will I try next time I return (because I definitely will be back!)? I REALLY want to try the gluten free chicken and waffles!! GLUTEN FREE FRIED CHICKEN AND GLUTEN FREE WAFFLES?!? How could I ever turn this down? It is a HUGE portion!! I asked if the restaurant has a special waffle iron that is dedicated to gluten free. And the answer is…all of their waffles are gluten free so no worries! 😀 I would LOVE to come back here for breakfast…sadly, Friendman’s does not serve breakfast throughout the day. So I will be back at a breakfast hour!

If you have celiac, gluten intolerance, or gluten sensitivity, TRY HERE!!!! You will not be disappointed. The menu is reasonably priced for NYC and has ample options. Large portions, knowledgable staff, fantastic food, what more could you want? 🙂 Heads up..this place is often very crowded so plan for a wait or go at an odd hour.

Have you eaten here? What is your favorite menu item?

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