The Scoop on Gluten Free Insomnia Cookies

Hello gluten free and glittery readers! I hope your Monday was awesome and that the work week won’t be too terrible. I bring good news (for some)! Last week my lab was celebrating a member’s birthday and surprised him with cookies from Insomnia Cookies. And surprised me with gluten free/vegan Insomnia Cookies.  Okay, I was skeptical. I must admit. To me, I worried about the cross contamination…are these truly gluten free? Or will I spend the rest of my day in the bathroom? So kindly, I accepted the cookies and took them back to my office to do some more research. I was impressed that the cookies were labeled with “GLUTEN FREE” across the box and were in a separate box entirely. That gave me some hope. I was obsessed with Insomnia Cookies pre-Celiac days…I ate them probably 3 times a week (don’t judge!) in college and was heartbroken when I was diagnosed. For those of you who are not familiar with Insomnia Cookies, this dessert place is open late and delivers to college campuses across the country.  It’s basically a cookie shop centered around colleges–although you don’t have to be a college student to enjoy the wonderfulness of Insomnia cookies!

boxOnce I snuck my cookies back to my office, I immediately checked the website and found that “because Insomia cookies are not made in a dedicated gluten free facility, they are not recommended for people with allergies.” My heart sank…until I remembered that Sprinkles and other dessert (and food) places are shared facilities yet they take precautions against cross contamination.  Most places now have this disclaimer on their menu so I investigated further.

Therefore, I called Insomnia cookies headquarters and asked for the details. And this was what I was told:

  1. Gluten free/vegan cookies are handled separately from gluten-containing cookies. This means:
    1. Separate scoopers
    2. Separate spatulas
    3. Separate trays
    4. Clean gloves
    5. Even baked at a separate time!
    6. Once the cookies are baked, they are kept in the same warmer as the gluten containing cookies BUT are kept on their own shelf on their own tray at the top rack so that no cookies or crumbs can fall on them! Kudos for thinking of this insomnia cookies!!
  2. The pans are cleaned, but to be extra safe the gluten free cookies never even touch them! To prevent cross contamination, the pans are lined with parchment paper!

Because I wanted to triple check, I stopped by the Insomnia Cookies where my cookies were picked up. I asked the staff there to tell me how they handle gluten free and gluten allergies to see if they said the same thing as headquarters. AND THEY DID! They even showed me where they kept the gluten free/vegan. They were more than happy to help me.

cookiesSo I happily ate the cookies!!! THEY WERE DELICIOUS AND I DID NOT GET GLUTENED!! Would I recommend them? Yes, if you can handle shared facilities. Some celiacs cannot–some can’t eat anything from any restaurant if they restaurant handles any gluten. Me, on the other hand, cannot eat from a place that shares equipment and does not take precautions against cross contamination. So Insomnia cookies did meet my standards and I was impressed with the level of allergy knowledge. I will return and I will eat my weight in cookies. No shame here. Remember to check with your local Insomnia Cookies to make sure that they follow this protocol and assess your health before consuming, of course.

Have you tried their gluten free/vegan cookies?


4 thoughts on “The Scoop on Gluten Free Insomnia Cookies

  1. I’ve never heard of Insomnia cookies, but went to check out their website (to look at their ingredients), but they don’t have any mention of gluten free on their website??

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    1. Hi Amanda, here is the link for the nutritional info for their gluten free/vegan cookies:

      As I mentioned, it is not a dedicated gluten free facility. They do take many precautions against cross contamination (as I discuss in my post) but you will need to assess based on your comfort level. I have not been glutened there, but the staff at my location are phenomenal with allergies and follow the company’s gluten free protocols very very well. Check with your location. Hopefully you can enjoy them too! They are delicious!

      Thanks for stopping by my blog 😀 please feel free to reach out to me with any other questions!


  2. I called Insomnia Cookies tonight, hoping to get Gluten Free Cookies for my daughter after her last week of finals. I was told by the 877 63 COOKIES Customer Service guy that THEY DO NOT have Gluten Free cookies, as it is a “seasonal item.” To which I said, “Honey, THIS IS the season. CHRISTMAS is a week away.” I was disappointed, to say the least. And this is Ohio State University, A BIG unoversity. So I don’t know. I contacted Corporate as to why there are no Gluten Free offerings, but I doubt I’ll hear from them.

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    1. They discontinued it here in Virginia too! I’m shocked. They were selling out here! And no one could tell me why they stopped. Thanks for sharing about OSU! Sad to hear about that 😦 if you are still looking for cookie delivery check out Cheryl’s cookies–much pricier and not hot from oven but their gluten free sugar ones are made in a dedicated gluten free facility! Good luck to your daughter on finals! And Merry Christmas 🙂


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