Gluten Free in Washington DC–Part 2

Hello everyone! Here is Part 2 of my gluten free adventures in Washington, DC. Enjoy! And check out my Part 1 here is you haven’t:

Dupont Circle

The Little Beet

  • Location: 1212 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20036
  • Nearest metro: Farragut North (Red), Farragut West (Orange, Silver, Blue)
  • Type of Cuisine: American?
  • GF&G rating: 5/5
Steak, sweet potato, and apple/veggie mix–YUM

Review: AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!! AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!! Okay…now that we have that established…The Little Beet is a MUST when visiting DC. Locating conveniently in the Dupont Circle area, this restaurant is 100% GLUTEN FREE. 100%! AKA NO CROSS CONTAMINATION! AKA CELIAC/GLUTEN ALLERGY freedom!!! ❤ Menu is fantastic–tons of variety! Plenty of options for meat-lovers and vegetarians! Happy happy everyone! I wish that they carried bread for lunch time but otherwise I was quite happy. I went with a gluten-eater and she loved her meal. I was overwhelmed by the options. Everything was pretty healthy! Veggies, fruits, lean meats. Upside: they carry gluten free cookies!!!! Downside: by the time I got there, they only had ONE left! 😦 My ONLY complaint…the portion size/price. I eat a lot and wasn’t really entirely full after my lunch, which was a tad bit disappointing given the price. However, I did not need to stress with having to worry about cross contamination. Overall, amazing meal, tons of options, and definitely celiac friendly. Probably my favorite place in DC. Shout out to @BaltGF who recommended this amazing place on twitter! Note: the Little Beet is closed on Sundays!


  • Location: 1516 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009–with locations throughout the city!
  • Nearest metro: Farragut North (Red), Farragut West (Orange, Silver, Blue)
  • Type of Cuisine: Asian (Think Asian Chipotle)
  • GF&G rating: 5/5

ShopHouse.jpegReview: The second day of my conference, I was craving some Asian cuisine and stumbled upon this place. I was excited to find that EVERYTHING IS GLUTEN FREE! EVEN THE MEATBALLS! WHAT!!!! Naturally, I had a very hard time deciding on what to get but the staff was super understanding and let me try everything (hence the half noodles half rice bowl I settled on). This place is like an Asian Chipotle. You walk down the line, adding items are you go. You can either have a rice or noodle bowl. Portion sizes are great and prices are low. Side note: most of the sauces are pretty spicy, so keep that in mind! Again, it was fantastic to be able to eat without worrying about being glutened!

George Washington University/Foggy Bottom/Georgetown


  • Location:  2221 I St NW, Washington, DC 20052
  • Nearest metro: Foggy Bottom-GWU (Orange, Blue, Silver)–less than a block!
  • Type of Cuisine: Fast food Mediterranean
  • GF&G rating: 1/5 *NOT CELIAC SAFE, learned the hard way*

Review: I was so excited for this place! It was located a few blocks from my hotel and had gluten free pitas! I checked online and saw gluten free reviews saying that this chain has dedicated gluten free areas so off I went–actually this was the first place I ate at in DC. When I arrived, I asked the staff if they could accommodate a gluten allergy and if they had separate prep stations. I was assured that they can and a staff member changed his gloves and washed his hands. He put down aluminum foil to prevent cross contamination. It was super busy there and I was pushed along the line and shouted out what I wanted added…however, stupidly, I did not register that they used the SAME scoopers that for the toppings that they use with the WHEAT pitas!! They shove these scoopers into the pitas. Mind you, I was running on very very little sleep so it did not register until I had gotten through half of my pita! My stomach was upset afterwards….and although the pita was fantastic, I could never eat there again. After tweeting about the false advertising/terrible handling of allergies, Roti contacted me and asked me to e-mail their marketing about my experience. I have done so and was given a “we try our best” response. Such a shame as the majority of their toppings and all of their sauces are gluten free! 😦 This place would be great for individuals looking to lessen their gluten intake, but avoid if allergic/celiac.

Das Ethiopian Food

  • Location 1201 28th St NW, Washington, DC 20007
  • Nearest metro: Foggy Bottom-GWU
  • Type of Cuisine: Ethiopian
  • GF&G rating: 1/5

Das.jpegReview: My conference was having their celebration dinner at Das Ethiopian. I was excited because 1) I had never had Ethiopian Food and 2) I called ahead about gluten free and was assured that I could be taken care of easily–except for many of the sauces according to the owner. I was told I couldn’t have any vegetarian options but the beef options were fine. Fine by me! I triple checked the beef options so I knew exactly what I could order when I arrived. However, when I sat down at the table, the waitress told me that I could get everything except for the bread. Hmm..that’s not what the owner told me! So I told her that I was told by the owner that many of the sauces I could not have. She then said that wasn’t true. I asked to speak to owner and she refused to get him and acted offended that I dare question her. HELLO FOOD ALLERGY HERE!!! Luckily, I remembered asking about a specific dish when I had spoken to owner the day before and so I stuck with that and ordered. I stressed how sensitive I was and she assured me it was fine. One member of our party was allergic to peppers–and after he explained how severe he was, the staff served him a dish was PEPPERS RIGHT IN THE SAUCE. He was extremely extremely ill afterwards. The staff was not remorseful whatsoever about this and claims no wrong doing! I ended up with horrible stomach pains but did not end up with food poisoning symptoms (my typical glutening symptoms). AVOID THIS PLACE IF YOU HAVE ANY DIETARY RESTRICTIONS! On the upside, you aren’t missing much by giving this place a miss. The portion size was incredibly tiny and overpriced. The staff was rude and the service was slow. I was part of a very large party, which the owner repeatedly told us that he had staffed extra people for us. However, it took OVER AN HOUR to get our food. And many of the orders were messed up. When my friends asked for forks and extra plates so that they could swap around the food, the staff was visibly annoyed and refused to do so! They just walked away. The staff couldn’t even be bothered to split our check and the owner was flat out rude. He was condescending. Long story short: AVOID IF YOU HAVE  A FOOD ALLERGY!

Taj of India

  • Location 2809 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007
  • Nearest metro:  Foggy Bottom-GWU (Orange, Blue, Silver)
  • Type of Cuisine: Indian
  • GF&G rating: 3.5/5

Review: Ordered in Taj of India late Saturday night when we were busy working all night. Tons of gluten free options–staff is very knowledgable! Food took about 1.5 hrs to be delivered (we ordered about 10PM). Good size portions and good price. Food was decent–not my favorite Indian food ever, but it was good! Main complaint: the meals did not come labeled so I did not know which one was mine and I had to call. Also, I was not given any silverware and rice came in a giant container for all of us to split rather than individual.

Rasika West End

  • Location 190 New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, DC 20037
  • Nearest metro:  Foggy Bottom-GWU (Orange, Blue, Silver)
  • Type of Cuisine: Indian
  • GF&G rating: 5/5

Review: Some of the very best Indian food I have ever had! Plan ahead though–this place is tremendously busy! We had reservations for 9pm on a Sunday and it took about an hour to seat us even with reservations. DELICIOUS food! And I was even happier to be handed a complete gluten free menu!! Everything was labeled as to whether it was gluten free or not (and if it was not, why–for instance, some dishes had malt in the sauce–and this was noted). The gluten free options were numerous! Portion sizes were decent and price actually wasn’t terrible for being such a popular place. Highly recommend!

Special thanks to The River Inn for accommodating me each morning for breakfast. Although they do not carry gluten free bread, the staff was happy to make me a veggie omelet and substitute in fruit for the biscuit. The staff took great care of me here and I can’t thank them enough for wonderful hot meals every morning! 🙂

Have any suggestions for other restaurants I should check out next time I am in DC? Please comment below 🙂

3 thoughts on “Gluten Free in Washington DC–Part 2

  1. Amazing summary of the good and the bad! I can’t wait to try The Little Beet on my next DC trip. If you go back, I highly recommend Medium Rare and Taverna Lebanese was also good (more details on my blog

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! I’ll definitely be back soon. I have never tried Lebanese food so I will definitely need to try Taverna Lebanese!! Thanks for recommendation and for stopping by 😊


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