Gluten Free NYC–Bateaux New York Dinner Cruise

For Christmas a few years back, I surprised Ryan with a dinner cruise around New York City since NYC has so much special meaning to us. Both of us grew up close to the city and after meeting each other, we have spent so much time exploring and creating new memories in “our city.” When I started researching dinner cruises, I stumbled upon Bateaux New York. It needed to meet our 3 criteria: good food, good music, and beautiful views. How can the view of NYC NOT be breathtaking? So that part was covered. The music included live singing performances and a grand piano. So check that one off! The food….. “Uh oh. What about gluten free?” Nervous, I called Bateaux who informed me that gluten free can easily be accomdated with advance notice! I explained I have celiac disease and needed truly gluten free options—and they were happy to provide me with options. They noted celiac on my reservation upon booking.


I somehow managed to keep this gift a surprise until we actually reached the cruise ship!! I told Ryan to dress up in a blazer and tie—which, to a normal person may be suspicious, but I use any excuse to dress up so he didn’t think twice about it!

As my appetizer, I ordered the lobster with potatoes! YUM!

Upon boarding, I was given a complete gluten free dinner menu!! No guessing what was gluten free. Simple and laid out for me! Gluten Free Dinner included an appetizer, entrée, and dessert, with multiple options for each. The appetizers had two options at the time: Lobster Milanese and Farm to Table Market Salad. The entrée options included salt & pepper black cod, roasted Italian chicken, and bouillabaisse (seafood stew). Dessert options included flourless chocolate cake or fresh seasonal fruit.

As my dessert, I settled on the flourless chocolate cake. HEAVENLY.

A ship is probably one of the last places you want to get glutened—and I did not get glutened! The chef took extremely good care of me and when I have the money (this is quite pricey) and have a special occasion to celebrate with Ryan, I will definitely be returning in a heartbeat. The music was lovely. The sights were unbelievable. The food was exquisite. The staff was warm and welcoming. The atmosphere was romantic and soothing. I really have no complaints…even the freezing temperatures didn’t stop Ryan and I from dancing on the deck outside! I very much enjoyed my cruise. Just remember to always call ahead to check on whether your dietary restriction can be accommodated! 🙂

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