Gluten Free Los Angeles/Santa Monica–Review of Rosti

On my last visit to LA, Ryan planned the whole weekend full of gluten free friendly restaurants. He is the best and always calls ahead and checks to make sure that the restaurant has more than just a salad and can prevent cross contamination. This place made the list!! (Aside from their pizzas…which I will get into below)

ROSTI Tuscan Kitchen ( is located at 931 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA. This is a casual Italian restaurant right in Santa Monica. This place is BUSY so plan for a wait. But it was worth it! There was a GIANT gluten free menu so I knew exactly what I could get. However, there was a disclaimer at the bottom stating that the facility is not gluten free and therefore there is no 100% guarantee that anything is allergen free. This worried me a little…so I spoke with the staff…Here’s the deal: this restaurant takes allergies VERY seriously and has separate clean surfaces and utensils. However, the restaurant does have gluten (as many do) so it was just a safety statement. It is like any other restaurant that has gluten and gluten free options. After having a conversation about their preparations, I was satisfied and ordered a steak & gorgonzola sandwich—caramelized onions, cheese, arugula, tomatoes, and basil herb aioli..HEAVENLY! Comes with potatoes. Meat was cooked perfectly and the bread had to be my favorite ever! It was flat bread and was so soft and bendable…didn’t crumble or break! They were able to grill my sandwich safely on separate surfaces!! Huge portion and delicious.


Notice the bread in the background? Well, when we sat down, I was STARVING (Don’t judge! I was still 3 hours ahead in my head haha). So Ryan asked if we could get some gluten free bread to start…they used flatbread and we were able to have it to start. Delicious!

And about the pizza…Although they prepare the pizza in a clean surface, they do not have a separate oven so they do not recommend their gluten free pizza for people with celiac. So I did not want to risk it, but it may be fine for others! I have not had issues with using the same oven before in other restaurants but didn’t want to worry about it as Ryan surprised me with comedy show tickets–my first comedy show!!!–that started in an hour.  I appreciated how upfront this restaurant was with their gluten free.

Vegan or vegetarian?? They have separate menus for you to!!

Fast surface, giant portions, lots of options, no issues with cross contamination/great knowledge of celiac. Highly recommend. Will I return? YES!!!!!! Of course, please assess whether or not this place meets your dietary needs and always convey your restrictions to the staff. Policies and practices change over time so always speak with the staff!

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