Product Review–Udi’s Sweet Potato Ravioli

Hello gluten free-ers! I apologize for the lack of posts the past week….I traveled to LA for Valentine’s Day/5 Year Anniversary and due to the winter storm, I am still here (I can’t complain though! I get to see Ryan for a few extra days and it’s close to 90 degrees here)! I’ve had a wonderful experience here and Ryan surprised me with so many gluten free restaurants that I can’t wait to share with you all. But first…I’ve been meaning to post this for some time now, so why not? Here is my review of Udi’s Sweet Potato Ravioli Frozen Dinner.

Udi's Sweet PotatoJPG.JPG

Okay, so this is by far my FAVORITE gluten free frozen dinner ever! Why? 1) Ravioli that is gluten free?!? 2) So much flavor for a frozen meal! 3) Located pretty much anywhere. 4) SO FAST AND SO EASY TO MAKE–I promise, you can’t mess this up.  This has become my go to for traveling. Most hotels have a microwave and freezer so this is perfect. I have yet to go to a grocery store and not see this.

Here’s how it works…you cut a slit in the plastic wrapping, pop it in the microwave for ~3 min 45 seconds, let it sit for a bit and then enjoy! It’s so simple. Yet so good.


I swear that it is way more appetizing than it looks!! You get 5 decent sized ravioli stuffed with sweet potato, topped with kale, tomatoes, and a little bit of cheese. I prefer these to regular cheese-stuffed ravioli. I do LOVE cheese, but sometimes my stomach isn’t the biggest fan so limiting it when traveling is a good idea for me. I love the sweet potato concept…it was perfect for Thanksgiving time when my friends hosted “Friendsgiving” and I wanted to eat something Thanksgiving-y. It was easy to discreetly heat up this meal in the microwave and enjoy dinner with 50+ people! Plus it delicious!

Size: Is it enough to fill you if you are super super hungry? Probably not, but it definitely does the job for a fast late dinner or traveling.

Price: They are on the pricier side…but Kroger often has them on sale! So I always buy a ton then.

Celiac friendly: YES! Safe for celiacs. Udi’s is entirely gluten free. Check out the rest of their product line (although, I am not a huge fan of their bread…but that’s for another post)

Have you tried Udi’s Sweet Potato Ravioli? If so, did you like them? If not, what is your favorite frozen entree?

**Please note that this review solely reflects my own honest opinion. I was neither paid nor compensated for review or use of this product. All photos were taken and are owned by me (Paige, Gluten Free and Glittery)**

12 thoughts on “Product Review–Udi’s Sweet Potato Ravioli

  1. I keep seeing this ravioli in the store and wanting to try it, I totally will now! I don’t typically eat a lot of frozen entrees, but I’ve always really liked the Amy’s GF Rice Mac and Cheese. Just like the ravioli, it’s such an easy lunch or dinner to just throw in the microwave for a couple minutes. And I can always appreciate having a good meal that takes little to no time to make. 🙂

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      1. I will need to try those! Haven’t had either 🙂 I try to cook fresh, but sometimes after late nights in lab, I am honestly too lazy and hungry! Haha thanks for suggestion!

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