Gluten Free at Fig, Charlottesville, VA

Fig ( Located at 1331 W Main Street, Charlottesville, VA—right on the Corner. During recruitment weekend for my grad school program, the current grad students took the interviewees out to dinner and selected Fig for my group. I was a bit nervous at first because when I did a quick google search for “Fig Charlottesville gluten free” nothing popped up….so naturally, I called the restaurant. Let me tell you, Fig staff is the epitome of southern hospitality. They were incredibly friendly and eager to tell me all about their gluten free options. Yes, so many. In fact, there was a huge selection and variety of gluten free. I ordered the zucchini linguine which was so flavorful and filling. The portion sizes were huge and the prices ranged from 12-15 dollars for dinner! How awesome is that?!?

Zucchini Linguine
Zucchini Linguine-YUM!

Of course, being the chocoholic I am, I really was hoping for something for dessert. Low and behold…they offer a gluten free cake make with almond flour. Boy, was it perfection! It was large and filling. I ate all of mine and then suffered from an unhappy stomach from all of the food—my bad!



The service was fantastic and super helpful. Kudos to the staff for being so knowledgable about gluten free and having so many options for us! The décor was beautiful—restaurant has a New Orleans theme! Menu was diverse. I highly highly highly recommend. This is one of my top 3 gluten free restaurants in Charlottesville. Check it out if you are in town!!



7 thoughts on “Gluten Free at Fig, Charlottesville, VA

  1. New to the blog (from my blog and happy to read my first Charlottesville gluten free review. Side note about restaurants like Fig–I don’t understand why restaurants that can do gluten free aren’t quick to advertise it or put it on their menus! It’s so frustrating to have to call and they often lose my business because I may assume they aren’t an option for me.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by! And I look forward to planning a beach trip after reading your posts! 🙂

      Yes, I don’t know why places don’t have gluten free menus (or indicate on main menu) if they have gluten free options. What is worse is when their gluten free menu is not actually gluten free! The one thing I love about the restaurants without a marked gluten free menu is that I can always talk to the head chef to really explain my needs.

      I have many many more gluten free Charlottesville places to review so stay tuned!!


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