Gluten Free Philly, Part 9–Review of Waffles & Wedges

Waffles…how I miss thee! I have gone to numerous waffle places up and down the east coast who claim to have gluten free. However, when I arrived at those restaurants, I was always told “we use the same waffle iron.” With eyes filled with celiac tears (okay, maybe that is a bit dramatic!), I would leave and hope for a place where I could finally enjoy my true love once more. And then one fateful day in December, I found that place in Philadelphia! Thanks to a suggestion from GF Philly (THANK YOU!), I was introduced to Waffles & Wedges..

Waffles & Wedges ( located at 1511 Pine Street, Philadelphia, PA, Waffles & Wedges not only carries gluten free waffle mix, but they also have a SEPARATE GLUTEN FREE WAFFLE IRON. Yes, that is right, SEPARATE! I did my celiac girl happy dance and ordered one right away. To avoid cross contamination from their ingredients, I stuck with Hershey’s chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, and bananas. They do have gluten free oreos though! Which is a huge plus! Although they have many other toppings that could be gluten free, I worry about scoopers for the nutella in case it touched a glutenous waffle. I played it safe and I was happy. The waffle was very soft and large! For once, it was larger than their non-gluten free counterparts.

The best gluten free waffle!!

Not a waffle fan? Not a problem! Their wedges (AKA potato fries) are also gluten free! Ryan and I shared their sweet potato wedges, but chowed those down too quickly for a picture. Oops. Point: They were too delicious to not gobble up right away!

Only downside and I mean the only downside: there is basically no seating except for two small round tables in Waffles & Wedges. Luckily, we went around 3pm in the afternoon and one table had just freed up so we were okay.

Anyway, Happy New Years to all!! 🙂 May 2016 be filled with gluten free happiness and joy!

**Please note that this review solely reflects my own honest opinion. I was neither paid nor compensated for my visit here. All photos were taken and are owned by me (Paige, Gluten Free and Glittery)**

2 thoughts on “Gluten Free Philly, Part 9–Review of Waffles & Wedges

  1. Your blog is truly unique and interesting. I love it. There is a place called Twigs in Minnesota that has a separate gluten-free menu and kitchen. One of the owners has Celiac. Awesome food! EnJOY your journey.

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