Gluten Free Philadelphia, Part 8–Pure Sweets (PS& Co)

Well, gluten free-ers, I am off to NYC today to continue the holiday festivities! Philadelphia has been incredible with their gluten free offerings so far and I am excited to try more once I return from NYC in a few days. Last week, I had my celiac check up in downtown Philly scheduled for about 2 hours after my train from NYC was set to arrive in Philly. Of course, I planned this so that I could try a new (to me!) Philly restaurant with my mom before my appointment. I chose PS&Co because it was less than a mile from the hospital.

Pure Sweets (PS&Co.) ( Located at 1706 Locust Street, Philadelphia. PS&Co. is 100% gluten free, vegan, and organic and has a huge menu filled with unique dishes. 100% gluten free=no cross contamination, which makes this Celiac girl very happy!! I was overwhelmed by the options…from pasta dishes, to sandwiches, to baked goods. The staff was incredibly enthusiastic and helpful with my decision process. When I told them that I have Celiac disease, they introduced me to other guests with Celiac, which I thought was really sweet and personal. The café is smaller, but has ample seating. I loved the ambiance and the friendliness of both the staff and the guests.

Pumpkin Mac & Cheese

I settled on the pumpkin mac & cheese as I was craving comfort food. Side note: Although I have Celiac disease and definitely support anyone who chooses to be vegan, I am in not vegan. With that being said, I was a bit curious to see how the gluten free vegan mac & cheese would taste in addition to having pumpkin which seemed like an odd combination…AMAZING! That is what it tasted like. Pure heaven. It definitely was not your typical plain mac & cheese. There were crushed nuts and pumpkin but the flavors blended together so effortlessly! I am craving more as I type this.

The portion sizes are on the smaller end and pricier end (my small cup of mac & cheese was $7), but the quality is fantastic! I would have eaten 2-3 times the amount of mac & cheese if possible. Also, parking is a nightmare! Their suggested parking lots were completely full, but this could be due to the holidays.

Will I be returning? You bet! I am dying to try their sandwiches. Their menu is so unique and fun, but even the pickiest of eaters can find something delicious to eat here!

Has anyone else eaten here? What do you recommend?

**Please note that this review solely reflects my own honest opinion. I was neither paid nor compensated for my visit here. All photos were taken and are owned by me (Paige, Gluten Free and Glittery)**

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