Gluten Free Philly, Part 6–Review of Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas filled with yummy gluten free goodies!! I was fortunate enough to spend it with my wonderful family who is always on board for trying new gluten free restaurants. With my parents living in Philly, I have tons of gluten free options: some fantastic, some sub par. While grabbing pizza at another Philly restaurant (Slice It Up), I ran into a young boy with Celiac disease who recommended Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant. He is very sensitive to gluten and swore he never was glutened there. So the very next day, my mom and I headed to Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant in Media, PA (right outside of Philly).

Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant ( Located at 30 East State Street, Media, Pennsylvania and 11 other locations. Yes, 12 locations total! Scattered around the Philly/New Jersey area so pretty centrally located to anyone! They have a rather large separate gluten free menu and the staff was very knowledgable about gluten free and aimed to minimize cross contamination in the kitchen, which I truly appreciated. They even carrie gluten free buns!!! After my usual interrogation of how they handle gluten free, I was satisfied and ordered three food items: 1) Side Caesar Salad 2) Beef Stroganoff 3) Creme Brûlée.

Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad: I am usually a huge fan of caesar salad, but this one missed the mark. The lettuce was soggy, there was minimal dressing, and it was just very plain. I asked if I could have a gluten free bun with mine since the normal ceasar comes with bread sticks. I was told “No.”


Beef Stroganoff: Pros: For starters, the sauce was incredible!!! So much flavor! The potato mashed was great too! I thought the plate went together very nicely! I was very happy that they were able to give me potato instead of pasta. Such a comfort food kind of meal! Cons: The size was horribly tiny especially for the price. There was minimal meat and potatoes..not sure why they couldn’t give more potatoes at least. The meal itself took up less than half a plate (!?!). Secondly, my meat was almost raw…I ordered medium well and much to my surprise, when I cut into the medallions, blood spilled out and it was bright red meat. When I finally was able to get ahold of a wait staff, they brought out the manager who apologized profusely and offered to get me new beef, which I happily accepted. 20 minutes later my meat was brought out and it was better this time. Boy, was it delicious 🙂


Next up was the Creme Brulee—again on the tinier side, but I was still hungry so any little bit helps. The taste was great, but the consistency and temperature was definitely off. The sugar on top was not hard at all..

Service was the worst part of the experience….by far. Our waitress never checked on us and we had to constantly flag down other wait staff to get more waters or request anything (including my meat fiasco). She kept talking with her friends and was not willing to help us at all. She was not friendly at all—and I fear that is why my meal was so disappointing.

So would I return? Yes, but would want to try maybe a sandwich or something larger….I would not order a salad or this dessert again for sure. But I would be happy to give another location a try. I did NOT get sick so that makes me incredibly happy 🙂

**Please note that this review solely reflects my own honest opinion. I was neither paid nor compensated for my visit here.**


7 thoughts on “Gluten Free Philly, Part 6–Review of Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant

  1. I have been to the Newark, DE location, and I would definitely recommend a sandwich or burger next time. I got the Santa Fe turkey burger and it was delicious and so was the bun! Also would definitely recommend the baked buffalo chicken wings and hummus as starters–it was all very good! Hope your next experience is better 🙂

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    1. Thank you for the comment and recommendation!! 🙂 their sandwiches looked so good and the Santa Fe turkey burger was the one I was considering so I will have to try that next time!!! It really came down to (lack of) service so another location is in my future.

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  2. I ate at the Voorhees NJ location before I went gluten free. I agree with your opinion about food and service. I wasn’t impressed by either.

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    1. Thanks for sharing! Sorry to hear that! 😦 Was hoping maybe it was just the Media, PA location. But if you do have any great NJ/Philly restaurants that have gf options you would recommend, please let me know! 🙂 I’m always looking to try new places.


      1. I can recommend Charlie Browns in Woodbury NJ. Their prime rib is awesome! We just moved to Tennessee about a month ago. Sadly, most of my gf experience in NJ was not good. Legal Seafoods in King of Prussia is great with gf options.

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      2. Oh! I will have to try that next time I am home.I’ve heard great things about Charlie Browns. I’m actually located in Virginia, but due to a long distance boyfriend, I am often in NYC and LA. My family is in Philly. So I am pretty much all over the place! If I am in Tennessee, I will definitely let you know and ask for suggestions 🙂 Happy New Year!


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