Gluten free NYC Part 7, Gluten Free Ramen!–Review of Bassanova Ramen

**no longer celiac safe!!! Went to dinner here in November 2016 and the protocols have changed. Ended up leaving! Not safe for celiac!!**
Hello all! Sorry for the delayed updates…finals took over! But I am happy to report that the semester is now complete and I have been able to explore Philly and NYC some more. This weekend I went up to NYC with Ryan to celebrate the holidays. We were in the mood for some Ramen Noodles–you know, the real authentic kind! I have never had Ramen before and I was really excited to try it…Much to my delight, I discovered several hits on yelp for gluten free Ramen NYC! Success, or so I thought, until I actually called those places listed….and every single one of them told me that their “gluten free” was not safe for this individuals with celiac disease or allergies…After calling 12+ places (this is NOT an exaggeration), I gave up on these so called “gluten free” ramen places and instead turned to the top ramen noodle places not under the gluten free category in hopes that maybe they just weren’t listed. When I called Bassanova Ramen, I was THRILLED to discover that they did indeed have gluten free that was safe for me!!!

Bassanova Ramen ( Located at 76 Mott St (Canal St & Mott st) Chinatown. This is a very small restaurant with very limited seating. They do not accept reservations, but the staff is incredibly friendly. Although I interrogated the wait staff on the phone and through Facebook messenger and had Ryan call to double check, immediately upon sitting down, I went through my usual set of questions: Do you take precautions against cross contamination? Do you have a separate clean pot and water for the gluten free noodles? Is your staff trained to understand what is and is not gluten free? The answer was yes to all three!!

Gluten free options
There are only two options currently for gluten free ramen. The Shio Truffle Oil Yuzu Ramen and the Vegetarian Shio Truffle oil Yuzu Ramen. I settled on the Vegetarian Shio Truffle Oil Yuzu Ramen because there was a huge variety of vegetables in that bowl including baby corn, kikurage mushrooms, bamboo shoots, ginger onion, scallion, tomato, and mix leafs. Plus, Bassanova carries gluten free rice noodles, which they used for me for this soup. I asked if an egg could be made gluten free and the waiter said no because there was soy sauce used to cook the egg—I was impressed with this catch!!

Gluten free ramen heaven
The portion sizes were HUGE! and the best part is that you can order a second round of noodles for only $2 as long as you still have broth yet!!! The pricing was very reasonable all around.  The taste was beyond fantastic—mine was so flavorful and I loved the interesting mix of vegetables and the strong ginger undertones. YUM! Ryan did not order gluten free (he does not have celiac) and loved his dish as well. He is a ramen expert and is not the easiest to please but he gave his meal a 10/10. I can see why Bassanova is ranked one of the top Ramen noodle restaurants in all of NYC!!

One happy celiac girl and her guy
The waitstaff was educated about celiac disease and cross contamination. They often checked back in on me to see how I enjoyed my first true ramen dish. Although they only have two gluten free options, these soups are bound to please both vegetarians and meat eaters. Thank you, Bassanova, for my first gluten free Ramen dish!!

Will I return? YES! Definitely. We plan to go back next week..Have you tried Bassanova? Do you have a favorite gluten free ramen noodle restaurant? Comment below! 🙂

**Please note that this review solely reflects my own honest opinion. I was neither paid nor compensated for my visit here.**


2 thoughts on “Gluten free NYC Part 7, Gluten Free Ramen!–Review of Bassanova Ramen

    1. This discovery was a wonderful surprise! 🙂 You should definitely try it if you are ever in NYC. I wish they advertised more that they have gluten free—they said the reason that they don’t advertise is that they currently only have those two options gluten free but they hope to make more options for us in the future. That’s two more than the other places I tried though!


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