Gluten free Philly, Part 4–Slice It Up Pizza

Hello gluten free friends! I hope you are all having a good week and are recovering from an enormous amount of gluten free food from Thanksgiving. I was lucky to have a double Thanksgiving this year: one in NYC with Ryan’s family and one in Philadelphia with my parents. While home in Philly, my mom wanted me to try a pizza place that she received an ad for in the mail a few weeks ago. The advertisement clearly stated that not only did this establishment have gluten free pizza but they even have a dedicated gluten free oven—a good sign that the place could be safe for Celiacs! So off we went to Slice It Up Pizza…..

Slice It Up Pizza ( located at 925 East Darby Road, Havertown, PA. This quaint pizza restaurant was beyond incredible (and patient) when addressing my needs as a celiac girl. Skeptical of pizza places after my near-ER trip after consuming Domino’s “gluten free” pizza back in 2012, I questioned the owner of the restaurant repeatedly to make sure that I could actually eat here safely. Remember to always check with the restaurant yourself to make sure that your needs are met–policies can change at any time. The convo was as follows:

Do you have a dedicated oven? YES! Do you have separate stash of ingrediants for the pizzas to make sure that there is no cross contamination? YES! Do you have a separate fryer for the French fries and chicken wings? YES! Do you have a separate prep area for the gluten free items? YES! Do you carry gluten free buns? YES! 

Given that fantastic conversation, I was sold! I ordered a cheese pizza with green peppers and mushrooms. Dough was flaky and very thin—but it was still very good! Pizza was too large for me to eat in one sitting which was not a problem because I discovered that it freezes well. Price was very good for a gluten free pizza—and I did not get sick from it! 🙂

My awesome pizza from Slice It Up!

Because I rarely have the opportunity to eat French fries or chicken wings given that most places do not have a dedicated fryer, we returned the following evening to Slice It Up Pizza. I ordered fries and was about to order the chicken wings when I was told that I could have a Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich on a gluten free bun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES! I was so excited. The fries were amazing and not too greasy. The Philly Cheesesteak was delicious, full of flavor, and HUGE—again, I ended up with leftovers.

One very happy girl with Celiac Disease 🙂

So long story short….TONS of fantastic options for people with Celiac Disease/allergies! The staff is so friendly and accommodating and I felt very safe eating here. I will definitely be returning ASAP. Check out Slice It Up if you are in the area!

Side story: when I was finishing up my Philly cheesesteak, I overhead a young girl (maybe 8 or 9 years old) telling the staff that she needed a gluten free pizza prepared in a separate oven and separate ingredients. After hearing this, I went up to her and asked if she too had celiac and told her that I was impressed with how well she articulated her medical needs. She said she was ordering for her little brother who has celiac and I had the pleasure of meeting him. He was so enthusiastic to meet someone else with celiac disease and we discussed our obstacles and successes eating gluten free. He was a mini-inspiration with how well as a 6 year old he was able to adjust. 🙂 Way to go! The staff here says they have a lot of celiac/allergy customers and is happy to be there for all of us. I asked the owner why he chose to include gluten free options and he said that people used to bring him their own pizza dough or buns and ask for pizzas or sandwiches—but he wanted to make it safe and easier for us all.

**Please note that this review solely reflects my own honest opinion. I was neither paid nor compensated for my visit here.**

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