Gluten Free New York City, Part 6–S’MAC

My favorite comfort food is mac & cheese..hands down! As a side, entrée, late night snack, whatever, mac & cheese is my dream meal. When my friend mentioned a restaurant in NYC catering only to mac & cheese, my heart sank since the likelihood of a mac & cheese restaurant having (safe) gluten free was pretty small. Luckily I was wrong and on my next NYC weekend visit, Ryan and I rushed to try this glorious restaurant known as S’MAC (Sarita’s Macaroni & Cheese).


S’MAC ( Located at 157 East 33rd Street (Murray Hill) or 345 East 12th Street (East Village), this restaurant is fantastic!!! I was honestly overwhelmed by the options. There are four sizes: nosh, major munch, mongo, and Partay!. They carry gluten free pasta and you can even receive gluten free breadcrumbs. The owners take precautions to prevent cross contamination, but of course, speak with them yourselves to make sure that your dietary restrictions can be met. You have the option of creating your own variation of mac and cheese or choosing one of their expertly created innovative dishes. I settled on the 4 cheese: cheddar, muenster, gruyere and pecorino. Ryan had the gluten free cheeseburger so I could try it too. There was not a ton of seating, but we were able to snag a table for two and eagerly awaited our order. The mac and cheese was phenomenal!! Word of warning: portion sizes are larger than the appear! I struggled to finish mine and I can eat more than anyone I know. As someone who can easily eat her body weight (thank you fabulous, metabolism and weekly cardio kickboxing), portion size is always a deciding factor in my satisfaction and this place nailed it! Staff was knowledgeable about gluten free and happy to answer my questions. With the number of gluten free options, it will take me quite a long time to try them all. I felt comfortable with my decision to eat here and will definitely return! 🙂

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