Gluten Free at Commonwealth Skybar, Charlottesville, VA

Hello gluten free-ers! I am at the airport waiting to board my flight so I can head home for Thanksgiving! My time will be split between Philadelphia (my family) and NYC (Ryan’s family) so keep an eye out for some great city restaurant reviews! In the meantime, here is a quick review on a great brunch place located in Charlottesville, VA….Safe travels to all!

Commonwealth Skybar ( Located at 422 East Main Street, Commonwealth Skybar is an upscale restaurant situated right on the downtown mall. Their menu is clearly marked for “normally gluten free” or “can be made gluten free” and there are a bunch of options! In fact, most of their options are actually gluten free or can be made gluten free. The dinners are pretty pricey so I haven’t had a chance to go here yet for dinner, but I come here for brunch quite often and order 2 eggs any style with fruit. Heads up though for us Celiacs…although their fries and potatoes are marked as “gluten free,” they do share the same fryer as gluten-containing foods so beware! I always avoid these options because I can’t handle even a bit of cross contamination. Service is pretty fast and wait staff, although not always super friendly, is willing to double check what is gluten free, which I appreciate. In the mood for drinks??? Head up to their roof for the Skybar where you can get a great view of the downtown mall and listen to the music from the pavilion. People at the bar dress in a range of fanciness and this is a popular bar for graduate students and professionals.

**Please note that this review solely reflects my own honest opinion. I was neither paid nor compensated for my visit here.**

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