Gluten Free at Lime Leaf and Downtown Thai, Charlottesville, VA

Hello gluten free-ers! As I my brain is about to explode from writing a grant application, I thought I could update the blog with 2 Thai restaurants I just tried in the past few weeks. Thai is my go to suggestion for where to eat with friends because I can usually have the Pad Thai with no problems and all of my friends love Thai food (pretty sure it is a requirement to be my friend! Just kidding!). When one of my best friends, Keren, asked me if I wanted to go to dinner with her and Veronica at a Thai restaurant, I said sure and discovered yet another gluten free friendly Thai restaurant…

Lime Leaf ( Located at Rio Hill Shopping Center, 1958 Rio Hill Center, Charlottesville, VA (right by Dick’s Sporting Goods). The restaurant is absolutely adorable: small and charming. The wait staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgable about gluten free. I, of course, ordered my Pad Thai and no modifications were required. However, they told me that they could see if they could modify anything I wanted…nice to know for the future! Pad Thai was good–not the best I have ever had but I would order it again in a heartbeat.

Chicken Pad Thai at Lime Leaf—Yum!

Downtown Thai ( Located at 111 Water St W, Charlottesville, VA, Downtown Thai is a great Thai restaurant for those of us with Celiac! The staff was extremely accommodating and was willing to check with chef on any entree item I wanted to see if it could be made gluten free. I ended up settling on the Pad Thai with extra veggies—one of the  very best Pad Thai entrees I have ever had!!! Service was incredibly fast even for a Friday night.

Delicious Pad Thai at Downtown Thai!

All in all, two great Thai restaurants willing to work with those who are gluten free! Good portion options and decently priced at both places. Just remember to always  speak to the chef to address your dietary restrictions and determine what you can or cannot have.

**Please note that this review solely reflects my own honest opinion. I was neither paid nor compensated for my visit here.**

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