Gluten Free San Diego, CA—Part 1

Hi everyone! Now that I am almost caught up on sleep, I can’t wait to begin sharing my reviews of San Diego restaurants starting with my first day in San Diego (Thursday). As always, check with restaurants about their gluten free policies and decide if these places can accommodate your specific needs.

Woodstock ( Located at 1221 Garnet Avenue, San Diego. This is a great pizza place located on Pacific Beach. It is very casual where you go up and order at the counter and they brig the pizza out to you. Woodstock have a wonderful gluten free crust! And although this facility is not gluten free, the staff takes precautions against cross contamination! They do not share utensils and were receptive to my questions.  They could make pretty much anything gluten free!! We had the Garlic Bird, which had a creamy garlic sauce, grilled chicken, mushrooms, red onions, and tomatoes (see below for photos).  The pizza was incredible!! Unfortunately, the gluten free pizza only comes in a large size so you will probably need to split it or take it home for lunch (hey, why not?). Highly recommend this place!


Pacific Beach Cantina ( Located at 1466 Garnet Ave, San Diego. The conference took us to dinner here the first night. This is a college bar/Mexican restaurant. TVs showing sports teams covered every inch of the wall and the noise level was very high. The staff was friendly, but there was no gluten free menu….which meant that I had to shout over the blaring TVs just to communicate with my waitress that I needed gluten free and no cross contamination. She suggested that I have the salads without dressing or corn tortilla beef fajitas with no sauce that comes with spanish rice. I made her check on the spanish rice since that often contains gluten—sure enough, it did. I was weary of the “gluten free” here but as I had not eaten since lunch and was at a conference dinner, I didn’t have much of a choice. I made her double check that menu item with the kitchen and asked for no seasonings to be safe (seasonings can be culprits of gluten!). The fajita was good and filling and I am happy to report that I did not get sick. However, due to the lack of gluten free options and gluten free knowledge, I would probably never return—unless necessary.

That’s it for now as I am behind on immunology homework….but the remaining 3 days in San Diego will be shared soon! Have a great rest of the week!! 🙂

**Please note that this review solely reflects my own honest opinion. I was neither paid nor compensated for my visit here.**

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