Gluten free travel tips, Part 1

Hello everyone! I am off to San Diego at 5am tomorrow morning–yikes. I am in the process of finishing up my packing and thought I would share my favorite travel foods for long cross continental flights.

My favorite selection of gluten free travel goods!
My favorite selection of gluten free travel goods!

Multi-seed Crackers: these are fantastic and come in so many different flavors!! The white cheddar is my favorite. Ryan, who is not gluten free, loves these crackers and ends up eating all of mine. That is a testament of how good these crackers are! Easy to pair with cheese or peanut butter or hummus–I sometimes pack a bit of peanut butter for my trips to add some protein.

Annie’s Cocoa & Vanilla Gluten Free Bunny Cookies: Reminds me of teddy grahams. Helps my acidic stomach settle down and tastes great!! A nice snack for plane rides. Come in other flavors too, but these are my favorite!! Plus I love the bunny shapes.

Annie’s Gluten Free Double Chocolate Chip Granola Bar: I always keep at least two of these bars in my purse at all times as my emergency “I NEED FOOD RIGHT NOW” snack. Great texture and curbs hunger quickly. Love these bars. I often pair this with a fruit yogurt as a quick breakfast in the airport—FYI yogurt counts as liquid for those of you flying!

Envirokids Peanut Coco Rice Crispy Bars (Gluten Free): Stumbled upon these by mistake…I was trying to find the Annie’s granola bars, but they were sold out!!! I only had 4 left and wanted at least 10 for my trip so I decided to give these rice crispy bars a try! I am so glad I did. Tastes just like a rice krispy with peanut butter and chocolate. I ate 2 the minute I walked out of the grocery story and had to contain myself so I wouldn’t eat them all right away. Don’t worry—no malt in these! đŸ™‚

Wegman’s Fruity Rice Crips (Or Fruity Pebbles or Chex..whatever is on sale but is designated gluten free): I always pack a tupperware of some form of cereal since flights sometimes have milk so I can have an easy breakfast on the go. Plus cereal lasts for a while so it is great for longer trips.

Anyway, keep checking back! I will be bringing you gluten free updates after San Diego!! đŸ˜€  Have a great rest of your week, everyone!

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