Gluten Free Airports, Part 4–Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Good evening, gluten free-ers! Hope you all had a lovely weekend and managed to stay dry—even with Hurricane Joaquin! Today I bring you my gluten free restaurant list for Detroit Metropolitan airport. Flying home to St. Louis or South Bend from Ithaca required a layover in Detroit Metropolitan Airport. Nearly two years ago, I was flying to South Bend for a graduate school interview and became stranded in Detroit airport with 7 other applicants! We ended up taking a road trip to get to our interviews on time and it was quite the adventure. Needless to say, Detroit airport holds a special place in my heart. ❤

In addition to their fun A Gates train—I used to ride it back and forth to pass time during my ridiculously long layovers—I also loved the airport’s wide selection of gluten free offerings! Unlike all of my restaurant reviews, I have not personally visited all of these restaurants in Detroit airport so always check with the restaurant staff when visiting to make sure that they can meet your dietary needs.

McNamara Terminal

Chic-fil-A (Gate A74):

Max & Erma’s (Gate A12):

P.F Chang’s China Bistro (Gate A36): I LOVE PF CHANG’S!!!! They have a wonderful gluten free Chinese food offering and are very knowledgeable about gluten free. Also, they are careful to prevent cross contamination! Their plates are even shaped differently for those of us with food allergies! How cool. Keep posted for a full review of P.F Chang’s! 🙂

Qdoba (Gate A74):

Vino Volo Wine Room (Gate A45): seems to be a common restaurant throughout the country

Wendy’s (Gate B5): Again, highly recommend those frostys! 🙂

North Terminal

TGI Friday’s (Gates D17/18):

Ruby Tuesday (Gate D23/24): I’m not a huge fan of Ruby Tuesdays because they have pretty limited gluten free offerings, but it is definitely an option!

Do you have any favorite Detroit Airport gluten free restaurants? Let me know! 🙂



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