Gluten Free Airports, Part 3—Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT)

UPDATED: 02-25-2016

This Thursday I will be flying to San Diego for a conference—my first time going so if anyone has any suggestions PLEASE comment or send me an email at  Anyway, I have a layover in Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) both directions. Charlotte is probably my favorite airport to have a layover in because 1) you can sprint to any gate instead of waiting for a shuttle or train to take you terminal to terminal 2) the number of gluten free options!! Have no fear…whether you are flying to/from Charlotte or just having a layover there, check out these restaurants! Remember that I have no personally been to every single one of these restaurants and that menus/offerings may change since I last visited so ALWAYS check with the staff and make sure that your allergy can be accommodated safely!

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar (Terminal C): I have not eaten here yet, but it is definitely on my to-do-list! A kind reader informed me that they do not carry the buns here anymore–your only option is a burger in a bowl (thanks, Stan, for the update!)

Wendy’s (Terminal A): This is my go to for quick layovers—frostys=my comfort travel food!

Chili’s Too (Atrium): I have not visited this particular Chili’s Too, but have eaten at Chili’s Too at other airports. There is a very limited gluten free menu…but there is a menu. It’s been hit or miss with Chilis Too depending on airport so proceed with caution.

Philip’s Seafood (Terminal C): I’m not a huge fan of seafood, but this is a chain restaurant with a full gluten free menu for those of you who love seafood!

Tequileria:(Terminal C): Awesome gluten free options! Breakfast lunch and dinner! Option of take out or dine in. My favorite place!

Note although California pizza kitchen usually has gluten free don’t be fooled by this one! CPK is an “express” restaurant and is not a normal CPK. No gluten free options at all!! Avoid this CPK. I apologize for the non-updated information. This has been corrected as of 10-11-2015.

2 thoughts on “Gluten Free Airports, Part 3—Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT)

    1. Ugh!! Thanks for updating me. I usually stick with Tequileria or Wendy’s at this point. Seems like many places are getting rid of their gluten free 😦 will update this post immediately! Thanks again for sharing!!


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