Gluten Free Airports, Part 2—Washington Dulles International, IAD (DC)

Dulles and Charlotte are my main two layover airports when I fly out to see Ryan in LA so I spend quite a lot of time in both of those airports. Although I am an American airlines fan so try to fly through Charlotte, sometimes United does have better deals and I find myself in Dulles. A few weeks ago I had a 3.5 hour layover (lovely, huh?) so I had plenty of time to scope out gluten free options in all of the terminals!

A bit about Dulles…if you land in the D terminal, I am very sorry–you will need to take a very long and annoying shuttle bus…I almost missed my connection before because of it! Going to and from any other terminal? You can either walk it OR take the awesome aerotrain which comes every 2 minutes! AMAZING! Therefore, it is pretty easy to get from terminal to terminal to get some food—unless it’s terminal D. If you have time, you can run to the very end of terminal D to get to terminal C and ride the train, but depends on your time!

Now for the restaurants with gluten free options…Note that I have not eaten at all of these. As always, check with the restaurant staff and inform them of your allergy or if your gluten free lifestyle is your choice.

Chipotle (Terminal B): **See gluten free philly airport for more info

Max & Erma’s (Terminal B): They do have a gluten sensitive menu, but note that they do have an allergy disclaimer so speak with the manager and determine if the can handle cross contamination issues. I have not eaten here and am very sensitive to cross contamination—I will post an update once I visit to see if they can truly accommodate.

Carrabba’s (Terminal B): Carrabba’s has a pretty extensive gluten free menu! However, I have never had luck not being gluten-ed at a Carrabba’s (granted, this was in Indiana so not sure on this location). Speak with the manager with any concerns.

Vino Vilo (Terminal C)

Smashburger (Terminal A): NOT FOR PEOPLE WITH ALLERGIES/CELIAC!!!!!!!!! For gluten free-ers who do not need to eliminate all sources of gluten for medical reasons, this place does have gluten free Udi’s buns, BUT they share the same equiptment including toaster so there IS a nearly 100% chance of cross contamination. So I will for sure not be bringing you a review of this place…sorry!

Luv ‘n Berry (Terminal A): Frozen yogurt! All flavors except for cookies and cream (and any containing cookies) were gluten free when I visited. Very yummy and I did not get sick. Granted, their toppings are all next to each other and I did not want to risk GI symptoms on my next flight so I avoided any toppings.

Looking for a snack? Try Starbucks (Terminal A, B, C, D)–they have the BEST gluten free rice krispy treats–NO MALT! It is prepackaged and made in a different facility. Marshmallow dream bar is amazing! and I have never gotten sick from it. LOVE that it is prepackaged so it doesn’t come in contact with all the gluten at Starbucks…highly recommend!

Enjoy your weekend, my gluten free-ers! And for those on the east coast, stay dry and safe with the hurricane!!

2 thoughts on “Gluten Free Airports, Part 2—Washington Dulles International, IAD (DC)

  1. 2/23/2018
    Just checked Dulles terminal D and Starbucks no longer has the rice crispy cakes. In fact, upon walking the terminal up and down, there is no gluten free food of any kind.

    Been through many airports and this is hands down the worst one for gluten free food. If you need food during your travel, avoid Dulles.

    1. Thank you for the update!! I haven’t flown through Dulles for well over a year now so I appreciate new information. And Oh no! I am so sorry to hear this. I wonder if they ran out….that seems to happen a lot. I purposely fly through Charlotte when I can since they have the best options I’ve found (Chicago, Laguardia, Philadelphia—the worst). What is your favorite airport to fly through?


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