Gluten free Airport Options, Part 1–Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)

Hi everyone! I have been traveling (almost too) frequently since I was 3 months old. I have spent more time in airports than I care to admit. I could confidently navigate any airport by the age of 7 and knew exactly where the best ice cream places and candy shops were in any terminal—I also planned my ice cream runs to allow me maximum dancing time on the moving walkways (what can I say? A true dancer can find her stage anywhere!). But my comfort was shaken when I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2012 as a sophomore in college. Flying to and from Ithaca, NY required at least one layover and several hours to get back to St. Louis (or South Bend…parents moved way too often!).  Due to the tininess of Ithaca airport, I was often on 6am flights, leaving me hungry and very worried about “starving” until I arrived home around dinner time.  However, the awkwardly long 3+ hour layovers left me plenty of time to explore many many airports…Here are some gluten free restaurant options within some popular airports. Although I am a frequent flyer (or layover-er) in all of these airports, I have not eaten at all of these locations, BUT they do have chain restaurants with known gluten free menus so I have included them below.  Tonight I bring you gluten free from Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)—I will update Philly’s page in November when I fly home!

Philadelphia Airport

Legal Sea Foods (Terminal B/C)

Vino Volo (Terminal A West)

Saladworks (Terminal A East)

Chipotle (Terminal F)–side note: the only gluten containing menu item is the burrito–always check this though. if you inform the staff that you have a gluten allergy, they will wash their hands, switch their gloves, and personally walk your meal down the belt. Of course, there is always risk of contamination, but I have yet to get sick. I’m saving a full review of my obsession for chipotle for another post 😉

Pinkberry (Terminal B/C)–frozen yogurt

Red Mango (Terminal F)—frozen yogurt

Chick-Fil-A (Terminal B/C)

A side note about PHL…”puddle jumpers” AKA tiny planes land and take off from terminal F. Terminal A is typically international flights or jumbo jets. To get from terminal F to really any other terminal, you typically need to take a shuttle bus which takes FOREVER! So keep that in mind when planning which restaurants to visit.

Coming soon…..Washington-Dulles International Airport, Charlotte Airport, Chicago (O’Hare) International Airport, New York City–JFK, New York City–Laguardia, Los Angeles International, Detroit, Salt Lake City, San Diego

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