Gluten Free Charlottesville, VA—Part 5

Rain rain go away….but it is a perfect blogging day! 🙂 Hi gluten free-ers! It has been a rainy rainy couple days in Charlottesville and after finishing up a ton of immunology homework, I am taking a break to catch up on a few gluten free Charlottesville reviews.  Enjoy! (and stay dry if you are being bombarded by rain on the east coast!). And as always, check with the restaurant to verify gluten free status!

Vinny’s Grill and Pizzeria: ( Located at 241 Connor Drive, unit L, Charlottesville. I was so excited to find this place because their gluten free menu is HUGE! (see below) Pizza, ravioli, sandwiches, you name it! BUT not all items on the gluten free menu are actually gluten free!!!!! When I asked about the gluten free chicken fingers, I was told that they are fried in the same fryer as the normal chicken tenders….no dedicated fryer here! So that was a big no no for me since I have celiac disease…same goes for the chicken parmigiano 😦  I finally settled on the gluten free ravioli—but had to ask them to cook it in fresh water and a clean pot, which apparently they do not always do!!!!! This was unsettling….but my ravioli was not contaminated and the food was good! Overpriced and small, but good quality. Sad that the options dwindled….not sure how they can label something gluten free that is not actually gluten free!!! Just make sure that you double check every item with the staff if you go here. I would go back because the ravioli was good, but there are definitely more options for Italian food here in Charlottesville.

Gluten free ravioli
Gluten free ravioli
gluten free menu
gluten free menu
Gluten free menu
Gluten free menu

Tara Thai: ( Located at 1107 Emmet St N, Charlottesville. This restaurant does not have a separate gluten free menu, but the staff can tell you what is and is not gluten free. As usual, I stuck with my pad thai. Unfortunately, when I received my dish I noticed a piece of fried tofu in my pad thai…which is a huge problem because 1) it was breaded and 2) no dedicated fryer!. I immediately informed the wait staff who took back my dish and made a new one for me. At that point, my stomach felt off just from the anxiety of coming so close to eating gluten by accident!  When I received my food for the second time, I was not glutened so it was gluten free. Food was okay and decent size portions. However, I did not return to that place for two reasons. 1) the almost-glutening 2) there are way better thai places in town!! (see my previous posts about gluten free thai restaurants).  However, there are gluten free options so if you are shopping in Barracks shopping plaza, it is an option.

Okay guys…these two restaurants were not the best for gluten free but they had options and they are working on improving gluten free knowledge and options it appears!  Sorry for the not usual exciting happy posts, BUT I promise to bring you AMAZING dessert places in Charlottesville next so stay tuned!!!

**Please note that this review solely reflects my own honest opinion. I was neither paid nor compensated for my visit here.**

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