Gluten Free Charlottesville, VA—Part 4

It’s a beautiful autumn day in Charlottesville! So tonight I bring you two more restaurant reviews for great gluten free restaurants in Charlottesville, VA to enjoy during this lovely (for once, not too humid, weather)!

Zzaam Fresh Korean Grill: Located at 1232 Emmet St N. Zzaam is a Korean Grill with lots of gluten free options and a knowledgeable staff. This is a chipotle-style restaurant: customized fast food. You walk down the line and select what you would like in your bowl. They have two gluten free sauce options and can make the tofu gluten free too—but not the meats, sadly. Just be sure to tell them that you have a gluten allergy so that they will prepare the tofu in back for you with gluten free sauce–the tofu out is not gluten free so it needs to be made specially. The sauces are quite spicy, even the mild ones, but then again I am a huge baby about spice!!! The egg is gluten free so I always get the “bibimbap” with egg and tofu and all the veggies that they will let me have. Portion sizes are huge and prices are decent. It’s a great place for some fun fast food that is pretty healthy and filling! Parking is limited—just a heads up!

Sedona Taphouse: ( Located at 1035 Millmont St. They have a well-marked menu that clearly states their gluten free options! And there are so many. I love their chicken dishes, but they also have pasta and pizza options for us gluten free go-ers! They have the best gluten free pear-raspberry hard cider (Crispen) and I believe they carry gluten free beer as well.  This is a casual, yet very popular, restaurant choice.  Be sure to watch their specials!

**Please note that this review solely reflects my own honest opinion. I was neither paid nor compensated for my visit here.**

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