Gluten Free South Bend, Indiana area—Part 1

South Bend, Indiana holds a special place in my heart. My parents were living in South Bend when I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Although I was able to adjust to the gluten free lifestyle in Ithaca (keep an eye out for those reviews, coming soon!), South Bend was brand new territory. However, I was not disappointed with the options. My current grad school just played Notre Dame (and lost…) last weekend and that reminded me that I forgot to post these restaurant reviews!!! Enjoy 🙂 Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Flat Top Grill: ( located at N, Fashion Plaza, 6501 Grape Rd #1130, Mishawaka, IN. This is one of my favorite restaurants in the South Bend area! Not only do they have a very clear gluten free menu, most of their items are indeed gluten free and the staff is extremely knowledgable about celiac/gluten free requirements. See their comprehensive allergy list here: This is a build your own kind of dinner—I would say Asian-fusion. You can put whatever you want into a bowl—veggies, meats, sauces—and bring it up to the counter where I chef will combine your ingredients and then your meal will be taken out to you. I love that I can personalize my meal completely and have so many options—I am definitely a mood-determines-my-cravings kind of girl. Just tell the staff that you cannot consume gluten and they will mark on a wooden stick that you have a gluten allergy and will take precautions to prevent cross contamination. For once at an Asian-inspired restaurant, I pretty much had all the options that a gluten-eating person had! Heads up…this is located in the mall so the restaurant tends to fill up quite quickly! Casual attire and great for larger groups.

Uptown Kitchen: (, Located at 7225 Heritage Square Dr #208, Granger, IN. This was the first gluten free restaurant we found in the area and it was my most visited restaurant. They have a full gluten free menu with tons of options—pretty much any sandwich or pizza can be made gluten free. The kitchen makes everything from scratch and understands gluten free—check out the first Uptown Kitchen link to see their page dedicated to gluten free. I always opted for a sandwich as the bread was wonderful!! The best part was that they have gluten free cakes!!!!!! Yes, cakes! There’s usually only 1-2 flavors available a day, but I managed to try out at least 5 different flavors. The cake was fantastic and I kept coming back for more. Service is fast and the restaurant is very casual.

Rise ‘n Roll: ( Located at 3915 Grape Rd, Mishawaka, IN as well as many other locations ( The bakery has fantastic gluten free bread and gluten free sugar cookies! This bakery was my favorite in Indiana pre-Celiac and I was ecstatic to find out that they have gluten free bread and sugar cookies!! Everything is homemade and tastes wonderful! When I went, they assured me that they take precautions with crosscontamination—but, as always, PLEASE always always check with the staff when you visit no matter what the bakery or restaurant says on their website!

**Please note that this review solely reflects my own honest opinion. I was neither paid nor compensated for my visit here.**

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