Gluten Free Philadelphia, PA—Part 2, Restaurants

It’s Tuesday—one day closer to Friday, right? Today I bring you some wonderful recommendations for restaurants in the Philadelphia area.

Vientiane Café: ( Located at 4728 Baltimore Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19143. This small Thai-Asian restaurant is extremely gluten free friendly. The staff is super knowledgable about what can and cannot be made gluten free. At the time I visited, their menu was not marked for gluten free, but now the menu is! Look at all of their options!!!! Don’t see something marked gluten free but you want it anyway? Have no fear—The staff really knows their ingredients and can tell you what can be changed to make gluten free (if it can be)! I ordered the Pad Thai, which is not normally gluten free but the staff made adjustments so it would be gluten free. As for other allergies, my mom has a terrible shellfish allergy (my family has such luck with food, right?!) and therefore, many Asian sauces can be a problem. The staff was able to assist both of us in finding something we would love and neither one of us had any issues. Service was fast and the portion sizes are large! The restaurant is quite small so keep that in mind if you want to be seated without a wait on a busy night. Reservations are accepted. BYOB. Parking is a little difficult but is manageable. Casual dress is completely fine. Important to note: this is a cash only restaurant so definitely bring cash!

La Stalla: ( 18 Swamp Rd, Newtown, PA 18940. This is probably one of the more upscale Italian restaurants in the non-Downtown area. The restaurant is spacious and has a romantic atmosphere. Don’t let the size fool you—on weekends, this place is completely full and I have had to wait a few times! La Stalla has a gluten free menu, but the chef can also make other items gluten free that are not listed—he did that for me and it was wonderful. The chef came out and talked to me and told me what I could and could not have. They do carry gluten free pasta and have a wide selection of gluten free offerings. Portion sizes aren’t the largest, but they are decent sized. Staff is very friendly and willing to answer any questions about the ingredients. Definitely an Italian restaurant worth visiting for a nice meal!

My next adventure……..

On a somewhat unrelated note…..I would love to hear from you guys! Please feel free to contact me at with any questions, recommendations, or suggestions! Or comment on any of my blog posts!

Additionally, I just found out that I will be going to San Diego for a conference in October! This my first time going to San Diego so I would LOVE some gluten free restaurant recommendations! ❤ Please and thank you!!

**Please note that this review solely reflects my own honest opinion. I was neither paid nor compensated for my visit here.**

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