Gluten Free Los Angeles, CA—Part 2, Knott’s Berry Farm Amusement Park

One of Ryan’s surprises for me this weekend was a visit to Knott’s Berry Farm to meet Snoopy (my favorite beagle of all time!!!!!!!!). I have been obsessed with Snoopy since I was a baby so this little surprise trip was beyond perfect for me. Although I am 23, I did hunt down Snoopy several times and managed to sneak multiple hugs.

Ryan and I posing with Snoopy!
Ryan and I posing with Snoopy!

As amazing as Snoopy is, of course, having Celiac meant Ryan couldn’t plan this full day trip without first checking with (safe) gluten free options for me. He definitely did his research! I was pleasantly surprised to find that the park had multiple restaurants and dining locations that offered safe gluten free options–all of which Ryan has scoped out ahead of time! The website ( clearly lists the places that have gluten free offerings so it was easy to find a place! This was such a change from the last amusement park we went to through our college that did not have a single gluten free option (not even a salad)—This was Darien Lake in New York. Don’t go there if you have Celiac. It was the complete opposite of Knott’s Berry Farm!!

Restaurants with gluten free options listed by park location:

Boardwalk Dining: Boardwalk Barbeque, Coasters Diner, Johnny Rockets

Ghost Town Dining: Wilderness Broiler, Fireman’s Brigade Barbecue, Sutter’s Fine Family Fare, Ghost Town Grill

Camp Snoopy Dining: Grizzly Creek Lodge

Fiesta Village Dining: Cantina, Pancho’s Tacos

Note that the Ghost Town Bakery is listed to have gluten free options on the website but the bakery does not actually offer gluten free! 😦 We stopped by for an afternoon snack and were told that they do not have gluten free (but may in the future! So check back!).

We opted for a sit down restaurant for lunch after wanting to relax post-Silver bullet rollercoaster—I made us ride it twice in a row followed by another high thrill rollercoaster….first thing in the morning before a meal. Needless to say, we were starving! We ate in Ghost Town at the Ghost Town Grill. My gluten free options at this particular restaurant included a gluten free cheese pizza, rib eye, chicken, or almost any sandwich/burger (they have gluten free buns!). I ordered the gluten free cheese pizza. Turned out that the pizza was huge and reasonably priced (especially for an amusement park!!). Also, the pizza was delicious! It was the best crust I have ever had—soft, not crunchy or crumbly! I was warned that the pizza would take an extra 5-10 minutes because they had to prepare it in a separate area. No problem—I didn’t want cross contamination so I was content to just sit back and enjoy the wonderful southern California weather with Ryan. Once I received the pizza, I was shocked by the size and softness of the crust. Although there were so many other options to eat at, I requested that we return to this particular restaurant for dinner because I loved the sit down environment and their gluten free menu. However, if you are short on time, this gluten free pizza is offered throughout the park at multiple locations!!

Gluten Free Cheese Pizza
Gluten Free Cheese Pizza

After watching Camp Snoopy show, we grabbed an ICEE, a perfect refreshing sugary gluten free drink and walked around the park. The rides were great for all ages and all levels of thrill. For dinner we ate at the Ghost Town Grill again. This time I ordered the steak and was not disappointed! Perfectly cooked and seasoned with ample vegetables as the side.  AND the barbecue sauce is gluten free!!!! Barbecue lovers rejoice!

Gluten free steak with caramelized onions and mushrooms
Gluten free steak with caramelized onions and mushrooms

Hoping to grab some dessert before we left the park, we swung by Dreyer’s in the park. However, upon arriving, it was very clear that there was crosscontamination. A cookie dough bite had fallen in the vanilla ice cream. I wasn’t going to take any chances so we just had ice cream at home.

The best roller coaster in the park
The best roller coaster in the park

Summary: Knott’s Berry Farms was extremely Celiac/allergy friendly and very fun! I loved all of the options I had. I highly recommend this amusement park for celiacs (and for non-celiacs who love Snoopy and/or amusement parks)!! I will definitely be returning. Way to go, Knott’s Berry Farm!

More LA restaurant reviews are on their way! ❤

**Please note that this review solely reflects my own honest opinion. I was neither paid nor compensated for my visit here.**

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