Gluten Free Charlottesville, Part 2

Hi everyone!  Welcome back! Here is Part 2 of gluten free in Charlottesville, VA! This post features Thai and sushi restaurants.  Remember to check the my Charlottesville page to see the running (updated) list of all the gluten free places in Charlottesville I have eaten at.

Thai Restaurants

Monsoon: ( Located at 113 Market Street downtown. Probably one of the most popular Thai restaurants in Charlottesville. Wonderful variety of Thai dishes that can be made gluten free including Pad Thais and Curries. You can easily adjust the spice level too! Monsoon does deliver (with a fee) so it’s a great option if you need to eat dinner from home. Indoor and outdoor seeting is available. Decently priced too! Helpful hint: Although Monsoon does not validate parking, you should probably park in the Market Street garage because there is very limited street parking.

Lemongrass: ( Located at 104 14th St NW #6 on the corner. Lemongrass is a very popular thai restaurant for students and faculty. The menu is clearly labeled with which items can and cannot be made gluten free and there are so many options so it is very easy to find something you like! Very fast service, but can get very crowded during the weekday lunch times. Helpful hint..go for lunch, not dinner because lunch is much cheaper and is the same size! My favorite dish: Pad Thai.

Thai 99: Located at 2210 Fontaine Avenue. The chef is very knowledgeable about gluten free. Portions are HUGE and the dishes are pretty cheap. The dishes have great flavor too!! Only downside…although the chef is very gluten free friendly, one of the women there cannot speak English at all so I have had to get the chef myself to make sure he understood I needed gluten free. One time I went and the main chef was not in charge but that women was. I had to leave because she did not understand that I needed gluten free and was telling me wontons were okay. Just be careful there! I think the main chef works most weekends and evenings, in my experience. Otherwise, love this restaurant!

Sushi Restaurants

Now and Zen: Located at 202 2nd St NW right off of the downtown mall—actually a few doors down from Monsoon. One of my Charlottesville favorites!!! They can make pretty much any sushi roll gluten free except for tempura and crabstick! And they automatically give you gluten free soy sauce J. Additionally, the miso soup and some of the appetizers are gluten free. The staff is super understanding and always double checks with the kitchen to make sure my dish will be made gluten free. My favorite dishes are the avocado sushi roll, cucumber sushi roll, and tofu balls which use a gluten free breading (all pictured below). Did I mention that the vegetarian rolls are only $3.50 and are huge?!? You cannot beat this price or quality!!! Service is on the slower side and the restaurant is packed on evenings and weekends so get there either very early or very late.

Tofu balls---the exterior is indeed gluten free!
Tofu balls—the exterior is indeed gluten free!
Avocado and Cucumber Sushi Rolls
Avocado and Cucumber Sushi Rolls

Does anyone else have some favorite Charlottesville Thai/sushi restaurants?? Please share!

**Please note that this review solely reflects my own honest opinion. I was neither paid nor compensated for my visit here.**

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