Gluten Free Charlottesville, Virginia

It’s been quite a while since I wrote my last post (sorry, school seems to consume my life these days!), but I am back with more wonderful gluten free restaurants but this time in Charlottesville, VA.  There will be SEVERAL of these blog posts for Charlottesville but for tonight I bring you American Food Restaurants, Sandwich Places, and Pizza Places!  Stay tuned for more 🙂

American Food

Burtons: ( Located on 29 at the shops at Stonefield. By far my favorite gluten free restaurant in Charlottesville! Very large gluten free menu and the wait staff is very cautious (and knowledge) when it comes to food allergies of any kind! The manager brings out your gluten free meal personally—your food is completely brought out to you without any other food! Food allergies have a square plate to distinguish the need for extra caution.  Extra perks…gluten free bread is automatically given to you with no extra charge AND there is a dedicated gluten free fryer—so say hello to french fries, fried fish, calamari and anything your heart could desire!  I highly recommend making a reservation though.  Causal attire.

Timberwood Grill: ( Located on 29 north near Charlottesville aiport. Wonderful options and very kind servers!  Although their menu appears to be on the smaller side, it is truly a wonderful gluten free menu that changes regularly and is quite diverse. They have the BEST gluten free buns so there!  Food ranges from sandwiches to steaks—all very reasonably priced! They are very careful with cross contamination.  No reservations needed and casual attire is acceptable. My favorite dinner item: BBQ pork sandwich!


Citizen Burger: ( Located on the downtown mall. Typical burger restaurant but has gluten free buns!  These buns are quite crumbly and not the best (still okay though!) but if you love burgers, you have to go there!! The burgers are the best I have ever had. They do not take reservations so plan to wait a bit!

Boylan Heights: Located on the corner. Boylan has a gluten free menu which mostly consists of burgers and/or chicken without the bun.  Not ideal and wouldn’t recommend as a first choice, but does accommodate gluten free and if you are a student here, it is a very popular restaurant so at least there are some options.

Sandwich Places

Baggbys: Located on the downtown mall. Words cannot describe how wonderful this restaurant truly is. They have the best gluten free bread—which is actually the largest gluten free bread I have ever had! The staff is so understanding about gluten allergies and take ample precautions. They use plastic utensils to prevent cross contamination whenever they prepare a gluten free sandwich and switch gloves, among other precautions. They can make pretty much any sandwich gluten free and believe me, there are so many wonderful options! You have the option to be traditional or have completely unique sandwiches. Since they usually give customers a cookie with their sandwich, they give gluten free customers strawberries. Note that their gluten free bread is not listed on their menu (they plan to update that!) so just ask! 🙂

Take it away: ( Located on the corner. Okay….this place has gluten free bread, but it is crumbly. Just does not live up Baggby’s. BUT it is an option if in a bind!


Brixx: Located in Barracks shopping plaza on 29.  My favorite gluten free crust yet! It is thin crust but very soft. Lots of gluten free options to choose from—the rosemary chicken is my favorite! Brixx takes allergies seriously and the gluten free pizza never touches the oven surface! Very much recommend Brixx!

Mellow Mushroom: Located on the corner. Awesome pizza! Thin crust but tons of options to choose from–they have a whole list of gluten free pizza options which are prepared in a separate clean gluten free area to prevent any cross contamination.  I have eaten here numerous times and have never gotten sick! Highly recommend!

Pizza Hut: Located on 29 North. Yes, they have a certified gluten free pizza!!!  It is Udi’s crust so it is amazing.  Personal size, sadly, and overpriced but is so worth it!  No need to worry about cross contamination!  Note: you can only have the cheese or pepperoni pizza because those toppings are set aside/kept in a separate area for gluten free pizza ONLY to prevent cross contamination.

**Please note that this review solely reflects my own honest opinion. I was neither paid nor compensated for my visit here.**

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