Gluten Free Restaurants NYC

Updated January 4th 2014

Here are some reviews of the gluten free restaurants in NYC.  The list of restaurants and their locations will be added to the running list on the GF NYC page.  Enjoy! 🙂


  • Bistango ( Located at 415 3rd Avenue, New York, NY (Midtown East). Gluten free Italian restaurant complete with complimentary gluten free bread (which is soft and delicious!!) and stuffed gluten free pastas (ravioli and tortellini!), and gluten free penne. I highly recommend the gluten free mushroom ravioli—but the portion size is quite small to be honest for the stuffed pastas. Almost all of the sauces are naturally gluten free so there are plenty of options for sauces. The cream sauce is my favorite! Pretty much anything on the bistango menu can be made gluten free! The staff is very knowledgeable and can tell you which cocktails are gluten free. Even better…they have tons of gluten free desserts! I have enjoyed their crème brulee, but my favorite is the flourless chocolate cake. Make reservations though—this place is small and tends to fill up for dinner time quite quickly.
  • Ceci ( Located at 46 West 46th Street (Rockefeller Plaza, perfect for seeing the Rockettes!). Tons of gluten free menu items—however you have to ask your server because the menu does not clearly state which are gluten free and which are not. I was given a gluten free bread basket which was great! I ended up with the chicken marsala with gluten free spaghetti (I also had the option of gluten free penne). Pretty much any dish I asked about could be modified to be made gluten free. However, word of warning, it took us over 1.5 HOURS to get our entrée so eat very far in advance of your show. Place was completely packed and even though we had reservations for 5:30PM, we still had to wait 20 minutes to be seated and another 20 minutes before someone even asked what we would like to drink (then waited 1.5 additional hours to get served). Make sure you make reservations—restaurant is extremely small and cramped. With that being said, the food was very flavorful and was a decent size portion! I was impressed with how many of the menu items could be modified and if I had time (or went on a not-so-busy evening), I would go again. Supposedly, they have gluten free desserts as well, but we were then running late for our 8pm show! 
  • Forlini’s. Located at 93 Baxter Street, New York (Chinatown). HUGE selection of gluten free options! When I arrived, I talked to the head chef who told me all of the things he could make gluten free. He even said that he stocks up on gluten free breadcrumbs for his regulars who love specific breaded dishes. I have gone several times in past couple of years and have never once gotten sick! I usually get the gluten free veal marsala which is heavenly. Cannot speak highly enough of this place. Coming from an Italian family, I am quite picky about pasta, but this place has yet to leave me disappointed. The meal didn’t seem “gluten free” or taste pre-made—reminded me of the homemade pasta my Nanny made me growing up.
  • Rubirosa ( ) Located at 235 Mulberry Street, New York. HUGE gluten free Italian menu. They can make pretty much anything gluten free! I had gluten free mozzarella sticks (first mozzarella sticks since being diagnosed) and gluten free chicken parmigiano over gluten free spaghetti. They also have gluten free pizzas. Portions were large and price way okay (slightly pricier than I had hoped for mozzarella sticks but since I could finally enjoy some and not worry about cross contamination, I can’t complain much). This restaurant is very small so make reservations or you could be waiting for hours! My favorite gluten free Italian restaurant so far. Of course, I stopped at 8 turn crepe for dessert (see NYC blog post about GF desserts) after Rubirosa since they are within blocks of each other.


  • Lilli and Loo ( Note that this links you directly to their gluten free menu!!!!) Located at 792 Lexington Avenue (Upper East Side). My absolute favorite gluten free restaurant ever. Look at that menu!! I always get the gluten free steamed pork dumplings and the gluten free crispy sesame chicken. My non-gluten free friends cannot even tell that the steamed pork dumplings are even gluten free! And you can get anything you want breaded because they use gluten free breading—so say hello to crispy chicken again!!! This restaurant has gluten free soy sauce and many other sauce options so you can have real Chinese food yet again! There is also a gluten free lunch menu! Service is fast, but make reservations because this restaurant is super popular. The dishes are HUGE and the price is pretty inexpensive. Delivery options are available. (Also located 2 blocks from Sprinkles so a great excuse to get some dessert!)
  • Lili’s 57 ( Located at 200 West 57th (on 7th Ave). A branch of Lilli and Loo which offers pretty much the same menu! (See review of Lilli and Loo above). Fantastic gluten free Asian food that can also be delivered.


  • Ellen’s Stardust Diner (  Located at 1650 Broadway, NY.  Great atmosphere—the staff sings and dances throughout the lunch/dinner and they are all very talented.  Many go onto Broadway!  Great location if you are in the area for a Broadway show! However, no reservations (at least not for small parties) are accepted so try to go super early (or late) to avoid a super long wait. I had the gluten free eggplant lasagna which was fantastic!  Unfortunately, the diner does not have their gluten free menu on their website, but the menu is very clear in the restaurant. The waitress was very knowledgeable and assured me that there would be no cross contamination. $$ (A little overpriced for the amount of food you get, but the entertainment makes up for it). If you have never been, you need to go!
  • Heartland Brewery ( Located at 127 W. 43rd St between 6th and 7th Ave (Times Square), 350 5th Ave at 34th St (Empire State Building) & 625 8th Ave at 41st St (Midtown West). Reservations recommended but not required. Super fast service and good size portions! I always eat the grilled lemon chicken, which is fantastic, when I have to catch a bus from Port Authority—perfect location. Gluten free menu items are clearly listed on their main menu and the servers understand gluten free. Some locations have/had gluten free buns, which were the best buns I have ever had! The server made me a custom gluten free sandwich with grilled chicken, avocado, tomato, and a mayo spread. I also enjoy the flourless chocolate torte with every visit. One of servers has celiac disease too and she was able to suggest modifications to enhance my meal! Plenty of options here and never had an issue with cross contamination.


  • Loi Resturant ( Located at 208 W 70th St (Upper West Side). Greek restaurant with several gluten free options. Reservation is recommended and slightly nicer attire would be advisable (showed up after a day at Coney Island and felt quite underdressed in shorts and tanktop). There were gluten free options, but they are not listed on the menu—you need to ask your server. The server was able to modify my order because I can be a pickier eater at times and he always double checked with chef to make sure that I could have the modifications. I believe I had the Kotopoulo Lemonato (chicken with potatoes of some sort). Service was a bit slower so I would not try to fit this meal in before a Broadway show—although they do have a pre-Theatre menu! It was a tasty gluten free Greek meal though (too bad that there was no gluten free bread to start off with!).


  • Luxembourg ( Located at 200 West 70th St (Upper West Side). Reservations highly recommended. When I called on Thanksgiving to inquire about gluten free options for brunch, the staff responded with “Of course we have gluten free!! Come on in!” Their menu does not list gluten free items. Instead, the staff can easily tell you what is gluten free. I had a wonderful multi-mushroom omelet for brunch and had no cross contamination issues. They had plenty of options for lunch/dinner so I hope to return to try out some of their dinner options! For dinner you can have salmon, steak, pork, mussels, or quinoa (just beware of the prices).

**Please note that this review solely reflects my own honest opinion. I was neither paid nor compensated for my visit here.**

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